Lets Not

Lets not talk about housing for once. Lets not talk about how I just spent the past six hours designing and decorating a theater type room for the one and only world famous Tipa (did you hear drum rolls? There should have been drum rolls there). Lets not talk about how I’m so excited that I just want to burst, and it’s not even my house.

Instead, lets talk about the cloak of flames.

I finally completed it for the first time ever – why? Not only is it a heritage quest that rewards the guild (at level 80) with 6,900 status (69,000 personal status) but it also got revamped along with the other heritage quests a little while ago. So that crafted cloak I was wearing with a few saves, 25 health and power, and 25 haste? Is now a piece of junk compared to this very nice cloak. Since I have no luck in actually getting a cloak to drop for me in game (ie: the Runnyeye one, scout or mage I’d eagerly take!) this will probably be my cloak for the next little while.

The quest itself was quite easy – it was collecting the snuffing pages ahead of time that was a pain. I spent three days camping Lesser Faydark just waiting for three simple pages to drop. Thankfully, yesterday I had some company in the catacombs, and Kasul and I both ended up getting the pages we needed there. New Tunaria? No problem. I don’t even remember doing Kaladim, so that one must have been easy for me too (sorry Kasul). Afterwards you get three sub-quests. Complete those, and get another three quests and one of those three breaks into four. Do the four quests, the three other quests – and then!

You get to wear some goggles and hunt for itty bitty spider webs scattered all across Greater Faydark. 20 of them to be exact. It took me the better part of last night to gather the flimsy things – but I did it!

Now Goudia sports her cloak of flames proudly.

1 Response to Lets Not

  1. Tipa says:

    Grats on the cloak!

    Don’t mind me, I’ll just be over hear in the corner constantly refreshing your blog until you post some pics of the theater :)

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