How many epics is that now?

I’ve done a lot of the epics now. For my own epics I’ve completed the warden, coercer, and troubador – once I betrayed Goudia over to a dirge, I decided that I’d also have to complete the dirge epic. The epic was surprisingly easy. I mean, really easy. I decided late yesterday to start it. The beginner drops from Satherians in either Chardok or Sebilis – Made my way with a trio team of myself, Shadowgeist (80 Shadowknight) and Albrta (80 templar). Didn’t have to wait too long for my piece to drop, and we cleared out a few named along the way.

I’d heard from Eyenstein how much of a pain some of the updates could be. Not that they were difficult per say, but that they could take some time. I had one named in Karnor’s Castle after some running around – and for the first time ever, got the update on the first kill. Great! In fact, everything that I need I got on the first kill. This included 50 drakes in Jarsath Wastes, 10 harvests in Chelsith (no named had to be killed, just some abysmal creatures in the front waters plus some coral). I had to get two updates from devourers that we found as trash in both Maidens and Vaults of Eternal Sleep – again we killed no named and just went in with our little trio. Kasul did come along as well though he was only level 73, for some added support. We killed an easy named in New Tunaria, and that was basically the end of my quest.

Oh wait, not quite. I got to head to Rivervale, sing a sad song and make all of the halflings cry. That was fun. Then I also got to gather together some pies from a table and throw them at halflings. That was even better.

After that I headed to Chardok for the last update I needed, an 84^^^ in the library.

Except no one wanted to help aside from Shadowgeist and Albrta. We waited around asking on channels with no interest. Well, that’s what happens on Holiday weekends, everyone goes out of town! So, we decided we’d give it a shot with just the three of us.

We had one death when we tried to train past some encounters instead of simply fighting our way – but thankfully a few updates ago SOE added a respawn point just next to the bridge past the red gate. We quickly collected ourselves and made our way to the library without incident, took down the named, and I headed to Gorowyn for the final turn in.

That was it.

Now I have both the mythical troubador quest on me, and the dirge quest. The troubador weapon itself sits in my bank collecting dust while I sport the new (and much improved) dirge epic. Never know when I may betray back it’s been known to happen once or twice… maybe even three times…

2 Responses to How many epics is that now?

  1. Kasul says:

    Congrats on epic number 2!

    I actually feel pretty good about the parses from last night! In Charasis I averaged over 1200dps, slightly higher in Maiden’s for some reason. Of course, Shadow still blew me out of the water, as usual… but maybe I’m doing something right after all.

    Thanks again for inviting me along! :)

  2. Borgio says:

    Excellent work Star, I recently finished my Zerk epic after having it for ages begging me to do it. Lets hope the Dirge one helps you stay a dirge :) Love those Dirges!!

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