So Much Game Update Fun!

I’ve been having so much fun in EQ2 today, that I’m not exactly sure where to start (and the day is not over yet). Today was GU48 – highly anticipated by many. I haven’t seen it all yet, I haven’t even set foot into Veksar and that was supposed to be ‘the big hit’ this time around. I figured everyone would head there – Najena has a very high population of people who are end game. While everyone was off doing their thing, I hung out in the newly revamped Everfrost and had a blast.

There’s a huge selection of quests there now, and I got a lot of discovery on items (as you can see above). My two favorite so far would have to be the plushies, which are going into an aquarium once I build myself one. I don’t have one – yet, but the crab and octopus should be nice at home once I’m done with it.

The only annoyance with Everfrost is that one quest required me to camp a named for almost three hours, and that was not fun.

On the plus side, my 39 brigand joined the horde of alts on Najena (my second account) and I ran her through 11 of the harvesting quests for guild halls – which means she got the note proclaiming her aid. At 20 quests she’ll get a house item, and at 30 another house item. Of course I’m also going to want to do this on all of my characters so I imagine I’ll be spending a lot of time on the docks of Antonica and Commonlands.

I like the fact that DKP is now built into the game. Not that Nostalgia will ever use it but for guilds who are worried about being hacked this is wonderful. It happens, sadly. People can get passwords from eqdkp sites and use them to break into people’s accounts if they’ve used the same password (which is not a good idea to do to begin with I know). Anyhow, while I’m not certain it will get used a great deal it was still nice to see.

I haven’t looked too much yet at the new mastercrafted gear. I believe the stats went (on T4) from +12 to +19 per piece, but I could be wrong. The graphics looked the same to me – but again I don’t really know what they used to look like so I can’t be sure.

I know there were a LOT more changes and updates that went in, but that’s what I’ve personally experienced so far. Next update SHOULD grant us guildhalls – and that will be simply amazing. I think the last few updates have been astounding, they’ve included not only fixes to the game but live events for players to enjoy, new crafted goods, and things for raiders as well. No doubt future posts will cover all those goodies aside from the few I’ve written about.

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  1. Kasul says:

    Congrats on all the discoveries! Can’t wait to jump into the game and see what they look like… and get plushies to put in my aquarium!

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