Coolest EQ2 house items EVER!

By far one of the coolest house items ever – and if you want one, you’d better get it before guildhalls go live. This sweet little dragon statue is a reward from the newest game update in EQ2. It’s the reward for harvesting 20x for the Freeport side. After completing the quest 10x (it does not matter which tier, nor does it matter which combination of items you harvest) you get a scroll house item. At 30x you get a title (I believe).

Because the item is for a live event, it will be a limited edition item much like the miniature griffin towers were for building those, and the miniature wizard spires. I’m hoping SOE doesn’t cave in to the multiple posts of people requesting these to be every day house items, and they keep them rare – especially after the multitude of quests done in order to obtain it.

Not only did I get the amazing dragon statue (there is another statue for the Qeynos side, but I don’t think it’s nearly as interesting) but I also built Silhouette an aquarium for her library, and within it (may be hard to tell from the screen shots) I’ve placed her octopus and her crab. The backdrop for the aquarium is mystical mirrors, so they actually ripple like water, and the sea creatures move. There’s one more plushie quest I have not completed yet from Everfrost, because it requires fishing and I can’t fish there yet. There’s also a fish (which does not move) that you get from a gorowyn quest and I haven’t done that yet either.

Looking around my house I was trying to find a skull that I wanted to put at the base of the aquarium, but I must not have done unrest on Silhouette before. I find that striking odd – but then again I practically flew through later levels using my master1 charm.

Unfortunately, as wonderful as this GU was – a lot of things also broke. People could no longer close the examine window when it came to patterns from VP. They also could not move to a new wing of VP after clearing, because the teleporters are all broken. Zoning into Leviathan last night dropped everyone to desktop and other random goodies that are just simply a part of an update. It happens. No doubt they’ll get fixed over the next couple of days – or at least I would hope so. There typically are updates after every GU.

In the mean time, I am just loving my house items.

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  1. ogrebears says:

    I guess this weekend i’m going to work on getting that statue. The evil god quest has you repeat the same thing 10 time to fill the little thing shiny thing next to the guy. It might also give a house item (i plan to finish it today after work). I’ll let you know.

  2. Tipa says:

    @Hudson — building aquariums and everything else isn’t a feature of the game. It is the power of user-generated content and creativity. Give players the chance to use their own creativity, don’t limit people, and you will find players can do things devs can’t even imagine.

    Like the EC Tunnel player-run marketplace that EQ later made official with their Bazaar zone, this is a reason why the MMOs of the future will do even more to encourage the creativity of the players. With City of Heroes’ Issue 13 allowing the creation of your own missions and story arcs within the game, it’s clear MMO companies are gradually becoming aware of what RTS and FPS game companies have known for awhile — passionate players that make the game their own and use it as a base for their own creativity make good games great, and great games immortal.

  3. Kasul says:

    Love your new aquarium, but the picture here doesn’t do it justice… it looks even better in person! :)

    Now to get a dragon statue for Kasul (and some status for Nostalgia)!

  4. Hudson says:

    Nice. They need to add that to the Sims online, it would have been a far better game if you could do all this ha ha. Its funny how a FEATURE in a huger MMO is better than a whole game. Go EQ2!

  5. Mythokia says:

    The amount of detail you put into the aquarium is really nice. Awesome job with it :)

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