Not About Gaming.. This Time

For once, I did not spend the evening gaming. I know, I almost thought hell froze over too. Instead I spent it lost in DAZ Studio – a 3D rendering program that I’ve been (slowly) trying to teach to myself. Tonight was the first night I actually felt like I ‘completed’ an image, instead of just worked on portions trying to learn the program. I know, there are lots of issues, the floor especially.

The image was rendered in DAZ Studio, and then post work was done in Photoshop CS2, no doubt I’ll be linking my DeviantART gallery here some to show off random bits. I realize it’s not the greatest, but hey everyone needs a hobby (or two or three).

3 Responses to Not About Gaming.. This Time

  1. Openedge1 says:

    I LOVE IT!!!

    Me want more.

    I use to draw (I even went to Kendall School of Art in Grand Rapids with Maynard from Tool of all people (look up Tool and Maynard in Google if you do not know him)), but I focused so much on females, with pencil, and could not get the grasp of male anatomy. I finally gave up due to computers taking my time, and not in an artistic way (well, I use it for music studio recording, as I am a drummer also…ok, I guess anything art based I can do a little of…)


    Anyways, I love this, and wish to see more of your stuff….

  2. martin says:

    nice picture :)

  3. Kasul says:

    Love the image, and the fairy effect! :) It really looks great. The floor is a bit odd, but I’d blame the drunken dwarf contractors who built the castle!

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