TWO Non-Gaming Posts?!

I know, I felt the shiver too as hell froze over. Looking at my Xfire profile, I had to chuckle. On the weekends I typically have a lot of hours in game and my Xfire profile hovers around 70-89 hours a week. Of course a lot of that time is spent AFK while I do other things, or just chattering while I run other programs. While I’m working on art projects I try (some times unsuccessfully) to close down all other programs, and keep my chat programs to a minimum because I’ll just get distracted and not get anything done.

Anyhow. Since I’ve been spending far more time doing 3D rendering then anything else lately, Xfire dropped from 89 hours to 50. It was at 48 yesterday but I played a little bit last night.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with it (as is obvious by the post) and don’t get me wrong, I’m still in Eq2 as well. In fact today I think I’m going to finally get my miniature replica of the Temple of Life, as well as finish those harvesting quests for guild halls and we’ll see what else comes along. Sorry to those who are not interested in reading about anything aside from my gaming experiences, but I typically do try to keep them at a minimum. If you’re interested in looking at the detail work from the picture above, check out this image here. LOTS of details that you can’t really see in the over all picture (especially since it’s re-sized for this site). Anyhow. Enjoy!

P.S. Yes, Openendge, that one’s for you

3 Responses to TWO Non-Gaming Posts?!

  1. martin says:

    Very nice artwork…everybody needs a break from games or you just get worn out and bored of them :)

  2. Kasul says:

    The image is lovely, her expression is the perfect look for introspection. Well worth the time it took to create! :)

    The Temple of Life house item is super cool. All I need now is a Rodcet Nife plushie and an “out there” painting and my shrine to UFO paranoia will be complete!

    Seriously though, airships = UFOs. Think about it.

  3. Openedge1 says:

    And the facial close up is divine.
    Thank you for these oh so sweet images of beautiful fantasy ladies…


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