Temple of Life house item, and other goodies

Above is the miniature replica of the Temple of Life – part of the new live events going on surrounding the void storms and all that goodness. You also got another book with this ‘quest’ (I’m reluctant to call it a quest because your journal does not actually update at all while working on this) that sparkles. It’s part three to a series though which makes me wonder where part one and two may be located. I’ve started putting together a little shelf of information / items obtained while working through this lead-in to the newest expansion.

To obtain your very one replica of the temple of life:

There’s no real quest involved, which may be why this item is so difficult to find. What you need to do is head to North Qeynos, to the temple of life. If you’re evil aligned beware of the level 80 epic guards who may try to thwart you. Once you’re at the temple, step into the water and you will see a node called ‘a glowing school of koalindl’ that you can harvest. Fish up one of those, and open your inventory. You will see the fish there – right click the object and examine it, you’ll have an option to set it free.

Do so, and you’ll receive a key.
Now it’s time to head to the down below. Which is level 1 of the sewers of Qeynos. At /waypoint -206, 0, -24 you will find a chest – use your new found key on it and you will find a new book for your house, along with the miniature replica of the temple of life.

You can find my complete write up on the Beckett MOG forums here including how to get those cute little Everfrost plushies that were added.

Last night aside from getting the temple quest done, I decided it was time to work on the harvesting quest. Silhouette had yet to complete a single one. Something to keep in mind – each one of the four quests offered rewards you with aa for T2+ because they all have different titles. They also count towards your quest count, each one showing up in your journal. So what I have been doing is going through each tier and doing all the quests per tier, to get the aa from them, as well as getting my quest count up. Excluding T1 that will be 28 quests, then I can just run the simple ones the last two times to finish off the 30 I need for the title.

I did manage to wiggle my way into Everfrost for a little bit early yesterday morning, finishing off the charm quest on Silhouette – even though it took a few hours of hunting sheep. If people had of been willing to group together, it would have gone a lot quicker.

While I was in the Down Below working on my temple of life quest, I decided I may as well hang out and collect the red shinies for my jello cube house pet. You get a choice of three cubes, one is clear (the one pictured) another green slime, and another looks like a wooden crate. I’d rather be able to tell these items to sit still and not move anywhere, but they can freely roam around Silhouette’s 5 room Gorowyn house along with her billy doll (who is just weird, every time I zone in he makes for the stairs and wanders away).

2 Responses to Temple of Life house item, and other goodies

  1. Kasul says:

    The billy doll is the creepiest housepet ever. :-X Just my opinion.

    I wonder if they’re just teasing us with the Part III designation, or if Parts I and II are related to the tasks after the bone chip collections somehow… or if Parts I and II are already in game and just require non-quest tasks that are completely obscure, like having to fish for the koalindl in the water to get the release option.

    Hard to say, but a good reason to keep your eyes open!

    The 80 epic guards in N Qeynos only see invis as long as they are red to you, by the by. After level 65 I had no issues with any guards in N Qeynos, but be aware that they do path down into the Temple of Life area… need to be quick as an evil!

  2. Ogrebears says:

    OOOO i want!!! i’ll have to do that this weekend

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