Titles, House Items, and Guildhalls

Finally, after doing the harvesting quest 30 times – Silhouette obtained her title. I don’t expect to wear it that often, it’s horribly long, but having accomplished it was nice enough. I had not done a single one of the quests yesterday, and that was my goal. It was easy enough to get the first 20 done, after all the reward of house items is always great. I got my scroll, and then my dragon – and decided to push for the last 10 rounds I needed for the title. I finally settled that I would do the evil version on one character, and then the good version on Arysh.

Nostalgia is sitting at part way through 26 currently. I’ll be away a portion of this weekend, and won’t have too much time to grind writs. I’ve been waiting for some crafting vitality to build up as well – and I’ll need to harvest more supplies. With 5 of my crafters at level 80, I of course have little motivation to actually want to craft. I have two sitting at level 40, and one at level 20. Those levels are so low that it’s difficult to want to grind out writs – status barely trickles as it is.

New member joined the guild last night, someone from splitpaw who had heard about our goals of reaching 30. Splitpaw is a EU server, so I don’t know if I’ll get a chance to see them online much, but I’m always glad to have more members.

Other then repeating quests (over and over) things are fairly quiet. I keep hearing everyone talking about Spore, and WAR, and it’s making me itch a little (as in, want to play) but not quite enough yet to actually draw me into them fully. We’ll see how it goes!

Only 14 more days until Issue 15 of Beckett MOG is released – I am SUPER excited about this, no doubt people will be hearing much more in future posts.

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