Lately I’ve been doing a hodgepodge of things, between real life, gaming, and artwork. So here’s a summery of what I’ve been up to:

EverQuest2: I managed to complete the Everfrost charm quests on all of my ‘main’ characters. Thankfully with the update yesterday, there are now two instances of Everfrost up. I was beginning to feel sorry for those who were of the appropriate level to be in Everfrost while they tried to quest – having random level 80’s swoop in and take their encounters. Whether or not this is tied to the double North Qeynos’ also open, I’m not sure. I also decided I did not like Silhouette’s entrance to her home, it looked like a garden mish mash of crud. So I took the entire thing apart early this morning and rebuilt it into a sales display area. I’m still not exactly happy with it (I suck at building display areas) but it will do for now. I’ve got big plans to create a dining / kitchen area with a wall length fish tank in one of the Gorowyn home windows. I like to work in stages though and I need some rares, so it will be a while before I have anything to show. Short term goals are to work up my smaller crafters, maybe get some levels on my templar, or illusionist (poor Stargrace) or my necromancer. We’ll see how that goes though.

Guild Wars: I played for a little bit last night, traveling around the starter area on my elementalist. Since I have one character who’s left the starter area already without completing everything that was offered I decided that this one would stick around until I cleaned out all the quests. I still think for a game that has no monthly subscription it’s got some fantastic graphics. Could just be me though. Since I spend a lot of my time soloing anyhow, I don’t mind the fact that the game is not a ‘true’ mmo. I expect to play more either today or this weekend, depending on my mood.

Life: I’ve been posting on the Beckett MOG forums often, trying to bring a few readers over. I’m the EverQuest2 correspondence, and while it’s not especially difficult work it does take time to do. I’m super excited about Beckett MOG issue 15 which comes out on the 24th of September – should have my articles in it if all goes as planned (there are four of them). I’ve been learning more about DAZ Studio, and taking a small break from it so that I don’t get burned out. I have a request for a fairy I’d like to get done for a friend, but again it depends on my mood. You can’t force creations (which is why art will never be a job for me, because I hate to feel pressured into doing things). I’ve been debating getting ‘Spore’ since it seems to be all anyone is talking about lately. For anyone who has a PS3 and wants to add me to their friends network, my name there is Stargrace, feel free! I’m still back and forth on the WAR debate as well. Chances are I may buy it when it goes live and play for the first month, but no guarantees. I’m thinking of buying a laptop, I’d really like one and I’ve wanted one for a bit now. Then again, there’s also a new zoom camera lens I want badly, 75-300 (the one I currently have is only 14-45) which means there will be a slight gap between my two lens, but it shouldn’t make too much of a difference. The leaves are all starting to change colours here, and hopefully I’ll get out a few more times to snag some shots of it.

Anyhow, sorry for the rambling, some times, it just has to be done! Safe travels no matter what realm you play in.

5 Responses to Hodgepodge

  1. stargrace says:

    Haha, I appreciated the post you did about the history none the less, and I’ll try to help spread some of the uberness that is guild wars around ;)

  2. Openedge1 says:

    Well, we know you love to discover things, and for EoTN, you must progress a specific way to get to these locations.
    So, I will not give away too much in that respect.

    Prophecies is the campaign that takes the longest to level up in as well thanks to the landmass sizes and the simple explorers eye view of taking the story slow.
    There is so much in the overall epic-ness of Prophecies that the location you need to reach to even get to EoTN, and the amount you have played, may taker you another year…lol

    Savor the fun!
    (PS: And I hope you did not think I was trying to teach YOU a lesson, I was just actually always interested in how awesome the team is that created GW, and that GW2 can only be even more awesome, and I wish everyone to know about the GW love)

  3. stargrace says:

    I have Eye of the North – and have no idea how to get to it or what it looks like, I’ve just been following what I start with originally after I create a character, hehe. No doubt I will get there in time – I do have to admit the best feeling of all is knowing that I’m under no obligation to play, since I’m not paying monthly, I just pick it up when I feel like it. The freedom with that, is fantastic.

  4. Scott says:

    Agreed… even though I’ve been with GW since it’s beta, going back to Prophecies can be a bit of a shock after being so used to the superior graphics of the other campaigns and the expansion. It’s still quite pretty, but dated in many aspects as well. If you continue on to Factions, Nightfall, or especially Eye of the North than as they say, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!” :)

  5. Openedge1 says:

    And the fact you state the Graphics look good for a Free MMO (Guild Wars), and your picture is of Prophecies, then you have not seen anything yet.
    I posted an album of some pictures from the EoTN expansion and Nightfall. The textures are updated 10 fold, and facial attributes and armor also have been updated.
    (peruse that set here…try the slideshow features as well…GW Blog Pics and album )
    Also, if you watch the cutscenes for Prophecies, you will notice mouths do not move (I wonder if they updated that though…not sure…may need to go back for a return trip), and all the new games have mouth movement for speech.

    I think for something you do not have to worry about playing because it is free, it makes some other games look like crud.

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