Ruins of Varsoon Rambles

It’s around this time of year (every year) where I get utterly bored with whatever it is I happen to be playing (EQ2 for the past four years almost five now) and decide I suddenly want to play other games, only to stumble back to the comfort of EQ2. This year is slightly different. I have no real interest in playing any other games on a serious level (aside from my brief forays into Guild Wars which is also slow, and infrequent I know) so I doubt I’ll go down that path. Instead I’ve been logging into EQ2 briefly, to help a friend with a quest, or some leveling, then logging off almost right away once those are completed. I know I should be concerned with obtaining more guild status for Nostalgia, but it’s really tough with only a few of us working on it. My restlessness is nothing new, and I don’t take it too seriously.

I spent some time with my monk (level 44 now level 45) in Ruins of Varsoon, wandering around with three good friends. Nothing much dropped but it is 20% bonus exp weekend this weekend (not announced, but it is on the exp bar if you mouse over it) and I took good advantage of it. Mentoring and receiving 75% less experience then normal, I still managed to hit 45. I’ll have to shop for gear some time, the poor monk is level 45 wearing level 2 jewelery and level 32 gear. The new quests in Everfrost may be something I can do – if the locals don’t just shun me and chase me from the zone on entrance due to my gimp-ness, we’ll see! I also spent some time wandering around Fallen Gate with these same three friends. I died, twice. Apparently my monk is not as uber as she likes to think she is. Go figure.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with the DAZ Studio bit lately. Creating some images for friends, making a few signatures, that sort of thing. Nothing exceptionally fancy, but it keeps me out of trouble (for now).

Sorry that the blog posts have been quite lacking lately, hopefully I’ll feel more inspired in the upcoming week!

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