A Peek at Vanguard Changes

After reading other people’s impressions and ideas on the new changes in Vanguard after the latest game update, I decided it was time to delve back in myself for a bit. My characters don’t look especially different from last time – except the ones who wear a dress. They’re supposed to be ‘sexy’ and I’m not sure if it’s my settings (I know the screen shot quality is horrible there) or what, but their clothes just sort of.. were there. They didn’t look like they were actually wearing them. I suppose showing off some skin now is sexy though. Oh, and how come they still look like they’re all wearing their helms in the character selection screen when I have them turned off in game. Just a little thing I know, but a thing none the less.

My house is still there, with 6g in the escrow. I’ll have to stick more coin in eventually, it’s 60s a week in upkeep and I worked too hard to make that house to give it up any time soon – even if I don’t play a great deal. 

There were people chattering in channels, both in the lower level area of Tanvu, and on the crafter channel that I belong to. Maps and UI all worked fine which surprised me because I’ve been gone for a little bit now. It was nice to see some life. I don’t belong to a guild in Vanguard, so things are slightly quiet. If I play any amount at all I’ll see about finding one. No, I’m not giving up EQ2, and no I’m not picking up any other games, readers by know should know my habits and where I wander, hehe. 

Items in my bag don’t make sense to me any more, and I forget where I was questing or what I should be doing at level 41, but I’m sure I can figure it out before too long.

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