Annoyed Sony Customer – Sorta

(I put ‘sorta’ at the end of the title because I’ve calmed down some what with the prompt reply to the issue in my petition)

I tend to post the happy go lucky posts all the time, and that’s not to say that I don’t grow frustrated from time to time with MMO’s or my gaming experience. I figure that enough people out there already post complaints and issues and make fun of or discuss why they hate certain things, so I stay away from that sort of writing as often as possible. It’s typically not my style. 

However. Today I’m cranky. 

When EQ2 came out with the adventure packs, it was a two edged sword. New content = YES! But paying for it when we already pay a monthly subscription = BOO. When they were released, I (along with many others) purchased these little extra packs for $5.99 American. 

Now, when you upgrade your account to Station access, these little adventure packs became ‘free’. If you downgraded the account back to a regular account ($14.99 vs. $29.99), the adventure packs went poof — even if you had already previously paid for them. Which already happened to me in the past so I bought the adventure packs AGAIN.

Then RoK was released – and it was an all-in-one compilation of the adventure packs and all expansions already released. Great! Wonderful! Except last week my station access expired and I decided to stick with a regular account — 

And I no longer have access to these adventure packs AGAIN. Even though I’ve paid for them at least twice, and I own RoK (which I bought digitally from SOE at release). 


I’m so frustrated. I petitioned in game because that’s the only available option right now (I know what the responce will be, get a hold of technical support edit: I was wrong here, they actually fixed the issue via petition, that was nice) and tried live chat support and email support – and for now I’ll sit here fuming because none of that is open for another hour and 10 minutes. *Eyeballs the clock*

Since RoK CAME WITH the adventure packs to begin with, there shouldn’t be any excuse at all for removing them from my account. What do you mean, no one goes there any more so why am I making a big deal? Well. Maybe it’s just one of those days where anything at all pisses me off, those have been known to happen once or twice. After promoting Sony and their games for so long though, something had to give.


Edit: 20 minutes after posting my petition (and this post as well) I received word from GM’s that they’ve added the adventure packs to my account (no idea if that’s been finished yet or not) but it’s nice the error was at least fixed promptly, even if it shouldn’t have happened to begin with.

3 Responses to Annoyed Sony Customer – Sorta

  1. Openedge1 says:

    I would kill for SOE to take over Age of Conan…

    That disaster just makes me more mad every day.

    But, I love the game…just hate the company developing.

    Bet SOE could fix it.

  2. Ogrebears says:

    Ya i hate when thing like that happen. Most likely the way there software is set up, it will remove the adventure packs if you switch to a normal account, whether or not you actually bought them or not.

  3. Tipa says:

    I use Splitpaw all the time… perfect place for teleporting to to get to the docks quickly. Well, I guess I don’t need that anymore with the new bells… but it’s still a cool place.

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