More Vanguard – Bringing Sexy.. Where?

The screen shot above is what happens if you click “view body” from the character creation screen. That’s right, of course that view right there is the most important body view, right? It must be. When I first logged my characters in I didn’t bother creating anything new. I just wanted to see where everything was, and make sure my house was still standing. It was, thankfully. It wasn’t until I noticed Ishbel’s HORRIBLE default ears, that I noticed a few other things that had changed. 

Yeah, they were pretty bad. I was mad – at first. Then once I entered the edit mode for my characters I realized that they gave back all of the sliders (almost all) that made character customization a little more interesting. I didn’t want ears that were so large they could not only hear all of Telon but half of Norrath as well. The torpedo breasts that Minxes recieved were plesant the first time she went swimming, but then quickly became an annoyance. 

So I was blissfully happy to see these sliders returned to us, and I set to downgrading everyones ears, and chests. At least now my characters are looking half normal. I’m still not to keen on the new clothing – some of it is great, I’ve seen some people wandering around in what looks like very nice stuff. I myself sport no such thing, but maybe in time I’ll be able to look as good as they do. I saw some interesting weapon graphics with a few particle effects. Game ran as smooth for me as it did before I stopped playing last time, I’ve never really had any huge issues. I play on balanced settings, no shadows which is fine for me.

Channels were busy again tonight, lots of people asking for help, wondering if various quests were broken, etc. I saw one or two new people talking in channels asking about what to do once they were dropped out of the newbie island experience. Kasul may be giving VG a test tomorrow, so I’m holding off on the island until he’s ready to play. These experiences are always a lot more fun with a friend around.

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