Quiet Nights

Didn’t get a chance to game tonight, but I did play some Vanguard earlier in the day and managed to hit level 9 in diplomacy. More about that tomorrow though.

I logged into EQ2 as well today, though just briefly to check sales (which were far and few between, though I can’t exactly complain as I don’t have much for sale). I was contemplating leveling Stargrace (who has been neglected for quite some time now) to 80 and to have her join the other 80’s I have, but the thought of RoK quest grinding just made me log out. Maybe another day. 

In the mean time, my latest bit of artwork. It’s titled ‘Reaching Beyond’ and I added a frame and some text to the final version of it, didn’t want it to be any larger then it already is though for this post. It looks way better in it’s original dimensions. If you’re keen on seeing it let me know. 

I hope everyone has a fantastic end-of-week no matter where you are.

2 Responses to Quiet Nights

  1. stargrace says:

    Sure is, there should be a new category on the right hand side of my site that’s got Stargrace’ Art as the title, it links to a few more of my recent pieces, and my actual art gallery which I try to update (but fail, drastically). :)

  2. Ethic says:

    Wow, I love that. Do you have your works collected somewhere so I can look at more? Very nice work!

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