That’s pretty much all I can say regarding all of the new goodies that are coming to EQ2. I’ve spent the better part of this morning reading through a load of information on forums, only to sit here wiggling around in decorating anticipation.

So what’s got me so excited? 

First of all. Because furniture is going to be able to scale, there’s a few recipes carpenters currently have that will be removed – and replaced with furniture examples from Unrest. What exactly are those furniture examples? You can take a peek here, at eq2traders. Don’t they look amazing?

As if that were not enough there is this post here, that gives a little taste of what halloween goodies we’re going to be getting eventually. It was posted a little early by mistake, as the items should not have even been on test – but that’s not going to stop me from getting excited about them. 

Did you know there’s a server wide event going on right this very second? Well, Antonia Bayle is in the lead for it – I have a feeling that Najena doesn’t even know it’s going on. You know that bone chip quest? Well that’s a server wide event – and part two gets released shortly, and you’ll get some very cool items with that as well – if your server works towards it. Not sure that mine will. 

Ok so that’s some new furniture, scaling furniture, and the server quest – what more could there be? How about purple shinies. How about little helmets that look like miners would wear them to work on some big project. How about that battle robot type house item in the main picture? O.M.G.

If all that was not enough, how about that new 5 room house located in the Academy of Arcane Science, that you can’t purchase unless you own a Tax-Free Freeport Residency License? 

Want to see some new guildhall screen shots? Then take a peek here

There’s no doubt at all that this is going to be one heck of an amazing update.

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