Ki The Fiend Hunter – Waves Breaking

Yesterday was time for a little more diplomacy as I wandered through the Isle of Dawn in Vanguard. I again didn’t want to out level my partner in crime, and wanted to continue to explore the quests I had been working on. By the end, I hit level 9 and part way into it (in diplomacy) – once I hit 10 I’ll switch to crafting I think. Anyhow. 

The Magistrate wanted me to interview some hobgoblins (who were supporting him) on the docks of the village – they were having a tea party. That is to say, they were dumping all the tea into the water in support of the magistrate. Go figure. I had to laugh as I interviewed the last ‘hobgoblin’ who was not one at all, but a farmer down the street dressed in the skin of a hobgoblin. While I interviewed them their appearance changed and they wandered back to their farm. 

The quests got harder (understandably) but I managed without having to buy any of the expensive 1s cards that the diplomacy vendor sells. I’ve lost a few parles but nothing important. Of course I’ve played diplomacy before so that comes in handy. 

One thing I’ve noticed is that the rewards are just amazing – and I’m a little sad that my other diplomates who are off of this island (and I don’t believe there’s a method to get back to it?) will be unable to get these benefits. I’ve gotten a cloak (last time I played there were no diplomacy cloaks with stats), a bracelet (there were only one of these), a full set of gear and some other bits and pieces. I’ve built my deck heavy with flattery, and it seems to be working out well (at least on the island). 

Eventually I was sent to a little burnt down village, being invaded by floating eyes (you’ve probably seen them before in Kojani) and what not. The npc there told me they needed a special type of hunter to deal with the problem, and that they had tried to convince her to come help – with no success. 

So of course that leaves it up to you. It’s always up to you after all. The person’s name is Ki The Fiend Hunter – and the problem is that although the quest says she has a particular affinity for the evil badies, it does not tell you where she is. 

So I spent 30 minutes or so running all over the place looking for her. Then I asked in the main channels – and someone replied (woot) that I should rent a Pegasus, and fly to the temple. 

Temple? Hrms. They must mean that dark ominous looking building just North of where I was standing. I had actually created a macro that was /targetauto Ki  and as I ran around spamming it, the only thing it picked up was a King Crab from the nearby river. 

I decided what the heck, grabbed a Pegasus, flew over to the dark building with purple swirls (remember, I’m of a low adventure level so these places still scare me) and hit my macro. 

Well what do ya know, there tucked away on the left hand side in a little alcove was Ki The Fiend Hunter. Only problem is that whole little landing was swarming with level 7-9 mobs. So I hung around a little, until a few more brave adventurers went to clear their way into the temple, and then made the little trek across to talk Ki into helping the Magistrate. 

Back to the npc afterwards – where a 15 minute warning sounded that servers were coming down. I was so close to finishing my quest too! Just had to talk to the five brave adventurers who were going to help deal with this ‘problem’ they had been having, along with Ki. Dang it. 

Oh well, I guess it’s time to see if servers are back up today so I can finish off the chain! Great story so far.

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