QoTW: The Far, Far away Pelican

What pirates home is complete without a ship in a bottle – or two? If you were not around to quest for the iksar ship in a bottle (came out during a live event) then don’t worry there’s still hope! Did you know that the island of Mara has an alternative access quest? I’m not sure why it never went as a requirement, it should have (when the adventure pack was first released) for some added flavour I think. 

If you’re fond of house items you’ll be fond of this quest. It starts in Thundering Stepps, walk along the docks up along the back behind the building there and you’ll see Quint Cerlius M.E. amongst some crates. Click on each one and he’ll warn you to leave them alone. Once you’ve clicked on them all, talk to him and he’ll offer you a quest. 

He sends you off to the feerrott to look for the ship, and on the left hand side of the docks in the water you’ll come across a little row boat. 

You’ll board the ship – and even though the pirates are labeled as heroic, you should have no issues taking them down solo. You need to kill all of the pirates that roam the ship – and then take out the named that spawns at the end. Talk to the captain at the end and you’ll get the wonderful house item pictured above. For a complete detailed walk through be sure to check out eq2wikia here

It does have a little bit of rent reduction on it, so if you’re looking for knick nacks that are going to help in your rent, add this one to the list! I’m still hoping that some day SOE adds a status reduction to heritage quests that people have mounted to their walls. 

I was tired of the little garden entrance I had to my place, so I created a new sales area. I still don’t like it that much but it will do for now. I’m waiting for GU49 before I do too much more decorating, being able to resize things smaller or lager will be very handy. I’d like to level my monk a little as well, but I think I’ll wait until the experience gets a boost. I’m also looking forward to having my higher level characters tag along with friends and earn extra achievement experience as they mentor. 

In the mean time, I’m trying to grind out writs for Nostalgia (gotta get that guild hall!) eagerly awaiting Beckett MOG Issue #15 (where there should be an article from Tipa and a few from myself), and waiting on GU49!

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