Now THAT was fun

Once upon a time, way back when, in the days when Vanguard first released I decided I would try a paladin. I actually enjoyed it – my first tank ever. I can’t remember why I deleted, it was probably something silly like I needed to cut down the number of alts I had. I never leveled very far and it was well before the paladin revamp took place and I still loved it. In fact I loved it so much I wrote about it on this site, here

I was feeling restless late last night, even after doing a little art work. It was around 10pm and I simply was not tired. Every so often I have to remind myself I’m not 60 years old, and stay up past midnight (I’m up around 5:30-6am every single day) so that’s what I did last night.

I didn’t want to out level Kanad, and I wasn’t in the mood for diplomacy nor was I in the mood to craft. So I decided to create another character (of course) and have free reign of the Isle of Dawn. 

I quickly lost track of time and my little raki paladin went from level 1-9 before I’d blinked. I looked at the clock and noticed it was 2am and I was getting cranky and tired (especially since I’d been dying in that blasted temple a few times). I can not for the life of me seem to figure out what the heck to do in order to pass a certain wall of flame that stands in front of me and the next portions of my quests. I’m sure one of the quests I have on me must be the access one. Probably the one that requires me to kill a handful of named in locations I have no idea about and collect little bits of poems from them.

I walked towards the temple ‘elevator’ wary – I’d read Tipa’s post on this beast. I DID get stuck – but only when I had the buff from the Pegasus on, so I quickly learned to click that off before ever stepping foot onto the floating mass of air. I’d seen these elevators before, in a 30’s zone and I hate them. They’re hard to maneuver around and just plain annoying. Not that the elevator did me any good since I couldn’t get past the barrier of flames on the bottom floor.

I had so much fun though it surprised me. I have a quest for a cloak that I really want to complete. A class specific cloak with a nifty little graphic on it. It’s my goal to hit level 10 in all three spheres before leaving the island and I’m thinking that the paladin may be a better fit to play with Kanad (he’s a shaman, healer) and maybe we should form up a brother hood so that neither of us out levels the other. An idea to contemplate at least. 

At 6:30am yesterday it was the quietest I’d seen the new starter zone, with 35 people in it. Every single other time I’ve been there lately there have been no less then 40, and probably a great deal more. It’s fantastic to see. 

Now if only I could find my way to the named I need..

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