A little more Comfortable

So, after running around a very small portion of the Order side of WAR, I decided to check out destruction. Now, you’ll have to be patient with me I suppose. I’ve never actually played Warhammer before – but I did paint a whole lot of those little things for friends. So a lot of the lore and backstory is a big jumbled mess to me (along with lots of other things but that’s another blog post). 

I created Stargrace as my.. well.. shoot now I don’t even remember what she is, but she’s Chaos and things went well. Got her to Rank 5 and 5 renown, picked up a few goodies from merchants, and did the first public quest for destruction. Actually felt really proud about it too. There were four of us standing around, no healers. One tank and two dps. They asked if I could heal, I said sure, and off we went to take down some giant thing in the middle of a pit. I only have two heals (one is a HoT) and we came VERY close to losing our tank – but in the end after spamming the heals over and over we won. They said thanks, and cheered. 

I ran into a CoW as well while I was doing some scenerios, and they thanked me for the heals. I told them I was just doing my job (I am a healer after all, it’s sort of, you know, my job.. ) I didn’t recognize them and I doubt they know who I am either, but it was still pretty cool to at least see a guild tag that I recognized. 

I still don’t know anything at all about crafting, nor about what the uhms.. extra slots in gear are for (attunement? I forget now what it’s called, I’m really tired and it’s late) but things are going well in game for a few hours in. If I can manage to find myself some folks to hang out with I think it’ll go much nicer – even if just to watch some guild chatter go by. 

The only downfall I see is what do I do with myself if I don’t feel like mass slaughtering things? In EQ2 there’s housing and crafting. In VG there’s diplomacy and crafting and housing. I haven’t learned of anything yet to do when I don’t want to be constantly watching my back for meanies. 

More posts tomorrow about other stuffs, feel free to add me to Xfire, or add Stargrace to friends in WAR.. Could always use some people to talk to. I’ll post a ‘contact me’ text bit on my site once I finish this post (which I suppose is now.. gawd I’m tired have I said that yet?). Hugs and safe travels.

Edit: Thank you Cownose for clearing up a few things! So, who’s going to explain ‘crafting’ to me (or what constitutes as crafting here…) my pockets are filled with seeds and I’ve no idea what to do with them!

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  1. Lars says:

    Crafting in WAR involves a different mini-game from one trade or gathering skill to another. I like that, since in EQ2, I tend to get tired of the green and blue bars game after a while.

  2. JoBildo says:

    Crafting, while relatively unique in WAR through the apothecary system and cultivation systems, isn’t the focus. Though I’ve spent 45 minutes at a time before making potions with alchemy, so I guess it works well enough. But it may be too simplistic to a fan of VG or EQ2.

    There’s also the tome unlocks to work towards, though admittedly many of them are also combat oriented. Though the exploration and odd ones are always nice to stumble upon.

    Rest assured the fun of WAR rests in RvR, and hopefully we’ll get you into CoW and taking part soon enough to see if that means good or bad for you.

  3. Crookshankz says:

    Stargrace, posted something on cultivating to help try to explain the process for you.

  4. Openedge1 says:

    You bring up an interesting point.

    Looks like what I discussed in my Do we even like our games post

    WAR is more “people” oriented, and EQ2 or Vanguard is more about “gameplay”.

    WAR is geared toward the “Combat” side of things, just like AoC (PvP must have a lot to do with that).
    For a player who wishes to have more variety of things to do than fight, fight, fight, I wonder if WAR may not be the game to play.
    Same for AoC or Guild Wars also. These are all combat oriented.

    EQ2 and Vanguard lean more to the variety player. With so many things to do, combat is a side quest there I feel.

    Which will really be the one thing that will help you decide which game is more fun?

    Will it be the people or the gameplay now?

    This will be a very interesting series for me to watch…
    /*reads avidly

  5. You were playing a zealot! :D And those extra slots are for talismans. Talismans are like trophies you get from doing quests and from your Tome. They are just a visual thing, you put them on that little slot and they get attached to your character so you can see them. Talismans don’t have any stats, it’s just a collect-them-all or whatever you want really.

    For example: after 1,000 dwarf kills a goblin gets a dwarf beard talisman. I’m sure other races have something like this!

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