Beckett MOG statue, and other goodness

The screen shot is a picture of the in game house item that comes with the newest issue of Beckett MOG – Kasul got the discovery on our server (Najena) which was pretty cool. Once furniture becomes scalable in size, I’m interested in seeing how big (or small) we can make it. I’m still really excited about the update upcoming, even if I’ve been dividing my time between multiple games now. 

There was a thread started on the eq2player forms about the house item, mostly people wanting a few particulars. For example, you can only claim one per account, unlike the satherian painting that was given away last year which is (or at least was) one per character. 

Still really nice that SOE gave this gift to Beckett MOG to give away. 

I spent the morning crafting house items for a friend, which is a hobby of mine that I enjoy a great deal. What better satisfaction is there in game then examining a pretty house piece only to find that your name is on the ‘made by’ tag. I remember when they implemented those tags and thought they were a great idea. 

I noticed Egat started playing a coercer in guild too, and Kasul did a whole lot of writs. We’re half way through 27, maybe a little more actually. I’ll have to start grinding writs again as well to help push for 30, but I’ve been a little burned out from doing that lately since I’ve done so many. 

On a side note, today is the first day of fall, and here in Ottawa the leaves are already changing colours. I bought one of those little mini pumpkins they sell and put it on the desk – where the cat promptly decided it was taking up HER space, and started to try to shove it off. The pumpkin is bigger then her head and despite all of her best efforts, the pumpkin remains.

7 Responses to Beckett MOG statue, and other goodness

  1. stargrace says:

    That’s alright Egat, EQ2 doesn’t require proper spelling or grammar thankfully, or I’d be out looking for a new game *grins*

  2. Egat says:

    Ha! I meant NEW not KNEW. Who knew I couldn’t spell!!

  3. Egat says:

    I’m too knew to it all to know what to do. I hope my steady string of ding’s is helping in a small way.

    The Nostalgia tag for me in EQ2 is ironic as I only played a character to level 14 or so when the game was new and then ran off for less laggy pastures (back to EQ1). It’s all new to me now, but I’m enjoying it so far!

  4. Tipa says:

    We also got a fair amount of status from a Protector’s Realm raid I went on :) I’d do more writs but I keep being called to groups and raids just when I’m getting into something.

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