The Ironforge Exchange and Faction

When I leveled up Stargrace as a provisioner, I didn’t do it by writs like I do with most of my characters now. Mainly because at the time those writs didn’t give any experience other then what they gave for the process of crafting to begin with. The experience for turning in a writ came later. So it was easier for me to make masses of food and drink and either use them myself, or sell them. Since that was the case, my faction with the ironforge exchange lacked horribly. Typically, if you level yourself via writs, you’ll earn your faction by the time you hit level 80. Easier now that they’ve boosted the faction from 150 to 300 for rush orders. 

So the past little while I’ve been grinding out writs to max out my faction with the crafters of Qeynos – and of course to help boost Nostalgia as well. Yesterday I finally accomplished my goal and hit 40,000. I promptly bought some appearance gear – and discovered the boots which I guess no one had bothered to buy before from the merchant. Woot!

Ah, the sign of a true crafter of course. I sort my factions and see that the highest one I have is with the Ironforge Exchange. I love the look of the appearance gear. Granted it doesn’t exactly look like something I’d want to go out adventuring in for fear of getting it dirty, but it has that rustic look that I really like about the clothing. Reaching 40,000 with them also enables me to create the aa mirrors – I can already create them with Silhouette who has 40,000 with the Gorowyn tradeskill people, but the mirrors have to be commissioned if you can’t make them yourself, which means I can’t make them for my own characters. So being able to make them is a nice little bonus (though of course I know people who can make them already). 

This small little goal also allowed me to purchase more house items (of course!) I placed a little globe of Norrath in Stargrace’ home (which is due for a revamp, and the upstairs needs something done to it, I’m not sure what yet it’s a huge indoor garden type space) and also bought the two titles and they came with little scrolls to place. I realize that I shouldn’t have spent the status buying all that stuff, but hey I deserved a little reward after all that hard work. It was expensive too, I ended up spending 6p total for the gear + scrolls + globe. 

I am incredibly excited about the double experience weekend, though I’m not sure if it’s just for adventurers or for crafters as well. I spend the evening harvesting so that I’d have supplies to use – and if it’s for adventure only that’s alright I’ll level my monk or my necromancer. All in all, it was a pretty great day in Norrath. I still have to see where Najena is in unlocking the server quest. Kithicor and a few other servers have managed to finish their quests now, and they reward – you guessed it – house items! A few other goodies besides that too. You can actually read up about it here on the EQ2players forums.

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  1. Tipa says:

    I can make mirrors on Adora if you need any :)

    Grats on all the faction! I kinda chuckled when I saw you discovered the boots in the Events list,

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