If I only had a brain..

I knew this month would be a busy one as far as game purchases went, and in fact the next few months. Thankfully I prepared a head of time – so the last two weeks my house has bought a football game for the PS3, some hockey game, a star wars (I think?) game for the PS3, Warhammer for the PC, Civilization (for the PC), and last but not least, Spore for the PC. There’s a 500g drive in there some where too since the second computer needed it and before anyone asks, no I don’t actually play a majority of those games. Growing up I wouldn’t say I was a gamer at all. It wasn’t until 2002 when my other half introduced me to EverQuest that I got ‘hooked’ so to speak. I played that until EQ2 released, and then slowly (we’re talking molasses slow here) I started playing other games. 

Yes, I got spore last night. A little treat for myself with all the projects and work I’ve had going on lately. I think there’s only one more game coming out soon that I want to buy (Little Big Planet of course) and then the EQ2 expansion when that goes live. Anyhow. Spore!

I didn’t have a lot of time to play last night, I got home late, had to do a few things and then install the game and what not. I did get an hour in though I think. If you’re playing spore feel free to add me to your buddy list, I’m on there as stargrace. I have one little creature so far, named Newblet, on the planet Goober. Oh yes, I’m just the most creative person when it comes to names – Ha!

So far I’ve only just finished the cell stage and moved up on land. You can read a pretty good post about it on Ogrebears site here which explains everything in more detail. 

Of course the first thing I did was add Tipa to my buddy list – as her designated stalker it’s only right. 

A picture of little Newblet now with legs (got arms shortly after this shot) and chowing down on some poor other creature. Hard to tell from this picture but along the back are little spitter things, I moved those to uh..Newblets kneecaps. Hey, I never claimed it would be a pretty creature!

Once I play around with it some I’m sure I can make more ‘interesting’ creations, in the mean time though it’s a fun game. 

2 Responses to If I only had a brain..

  1. loredena says:

    I had a blast with the creature creator this summer, and the full game is fun too! I’ll add you to my buddy list — I’m Loredena there as per usual. (Sisca is there too, but only from the creator so far).

  2. Tipa says:

    Welcome to Spore :) I added you, too!

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