Winter Elf

Full version is of course better, thinking of doing some seasonal elves and this one is winter. I haven’t gotten the hang of doing too much post work yet, it’s a slow process. Having fun though, what better way to spend a Friday morning. 

There are a few things I can see wrong with the image, and I had really hopped to get working on some spell particles, but with the snow in the background I didn’t want the image to become busy. We’ll have to see how the other seasons turn out.

7 Responses to Winter Elf

  1. Dino says:

    WOW, I have a thing for cute upturned noses and her nose is PERFECT!!! A++++ I could stare at her face forever!!!

  2. Crookshankz says:

    Keep showing your art Stargrace. I think your getting good :-)

  3. Scott says:

    Yeah I’m more of a GIMP fan because I switch back and forth from linux and Windows, and I don’t have a need or the talent to justify buying Photoshop. If what I read is true, GIMP is about equal to PS for image editing and manipulation but PS still wins for photo manipulation. Whatever…

  4. stargrace says:

    Ah, thanks for the info on GIMP, I actually use CS2/CS3 for most of my stuff, and had never heard of GIMP before, heh.

    Glad someone out there doesn’t mind me spamming my own site with my art *grins* even if they don’t draw in the readers, I do enjoy other stuff aside from gaming, some times.

  5. Openedge1 says:

    GIMP is a geeky photoshop…it is ok I guess….

    The picture though has a favorite thing of mine…cute little upturned noses.
    Of all things for me to see in your picture, the cute upturn on the nose just wins.
    Everytime I make a female in AoC (yes, I have no issues with my masculinity), she will have an upturned nose..


    Thanks for these

  6. stargrace says:

    Neither, heh. They’re 3D renders, I either design the textures myself and place them over a 3D model, or use other textures that are out there, posing the figures / backgrounds arranging lighting and then doing all of the post work to fix all the little mistakes (some times the clothes don’t fit very well etc). On occasion the finished product is actually made up of multiple layers (like this one) all mushed into one and I take elements from screen shots and whatever else I happen to find to make it. ;)

    It’s a little bit of everything.

    Not sure what GIMP is.. *runs off to google it*

  7. Scott says:

    Ooooh! Are you drawing these or are they manipulated screenshots?

    Someone needs to give me some GIMP 101 classes…

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