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I’m on my way out the door to buy a new video card (nothing wrong with the old one, but it’s a 7600 and I’d like something new just for fun) – in the mean time though, I spent ALL morning working on the server wide live event (because I’m not sure when it poofs) to get some pretty amazing rewards and follow a spectacular story line. I don’t want to ruin the story because it has to do with the murder mystery going on and involves the void beasts and that whole incident. If you haven’t done this quest yet, I HIGHLY suggest getting to it, check to see if your server has unlocked the bonechips yet. The evil side on Najena is only 80% complete last I checked, but the Qeynos side has finished theirs. 

The quest is made up of over 42 sections from start to finish – and it makes you travel all over to figure out the mystery. The rewards may not be worth it to the average player, but to me they were better then any money. The first reward is food that lasts for 3 hours and gives you 15% bonus experience to COMBAT only. Sort of useless when the food is level 80 and that’s the character I did this quest on. Anyhow, second quest rewards a house item and some gear – the basket of berries. The third quest rewards the staff pictured above, and it has a really awesome particle effect. The fourth quest rewarded the talisman that can just barely be seen resting on my bench. 

These items are all gear as well, but you can right click like the heritage quests out there and turn them into house items. I did the quest on Goudia, which was a bad idea I should have done it on one of my mains instead. The quest really is long, so I haven’t decided if I’m going to do it on everyone yet, or leave it at that. 

More postings about it and a few details later, for now, it’s time to go shopping!

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  1. loredena says:

    So far I’ve finished with my 31 conjurer, I’m about midway with the 41 paladin, and just started with Lore, who is 62. So, for me, even the food is great! :) A guildmate got actually discovery on a couple of the quest rewards (he’s 44, and got it for the level-specific ones).

    It was really fun figuring out the puzzles, though I did get stuck in a couple of places. Also, undergeared/underspelled caster died several times at the last step before I succeeded on it.

    When I looked yesterday, evil side on Perma was at 90% so I’m hoping to get at least one run through on one of my evils too.

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