Leveling! Err – Maybe not

I didn’t play nearly as much as I wanted to yesterday, mostly due to a very sore mouth and a few extra strength tylanol but I did get some time in. I wanted to try to get Stargrace to level 80 before the expansion comes out in November, but I’ve said a few times now I just can’t stomach the RoK quest grind any more. I decided since I was only 40% away from leveling, I’d try to put up with it just long enough to at least hit level 78. I headed off to Jarsath Wastes to complete the quests I’ve had for about three months now that have just sat there. 

I did manage to die three times, and with a little help got to 90% experience before I just decided to call it quits. I just really dislike the grind THAT much. I figure now I’ll either do one of two things. Forget about Stargrace until the expansion comes out and try to level her to 80 with the new content (some of it should be mid 70’s range I hope) or go through old world content and level at the pace of a snail. I haven’t decided which. Or I’ll just level someone else and work on her gradually like I have been. The 100% experience bonus made no different to my level 77 character because the experience you gain from kills is so insignificant. 

I did get a LOT of crafting levels though. My tailor went from 21-30 in an hour thanks to vitality and the bonus experience. My alchemist went from 41-47. I’m hoping to get her to 50 today, but I’m out of vitality and things are crawling a little more. Plus I’m not certain if I want to be so eager to hit T6 which is the dreaded harvest tier that uses supplies from Sinking Sands. 

Hope everyone else is having an awesome weekend!

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  1. Openedge1 says:

    Got my replacement TV yesterday. I have been kinda geeking on the Xbox 360 with it…great stuff.
    I am playing a game called Viking which mixes some RPG and action gaming like God of War.
    Even better, I traded in games yesterday to finally buy Mass Effect and see what everyone has been talking about there (suppose to be awesome, and I love Bioware)

    I also am taking snapshots in AoC for a fashion show (lol)…I found a little trick to gaming the Auction House to find some great clothing for my characters…
    Gonna love it.

    So, overall, a great gaming weekend.

  2. loredena says:

    I had to [email protected], so didn’t get much play time in, but did get the sage from 55 to 59, more then running him out of vitality. and he’s still doing the 54 spells!

    The expansion doesn’t raise the cap, and it is stated to contain scaling content from 50-80, so you should be able to finish leveling Stargrace then, no problem.

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