Everfrost – Good at all Levels

There was no way Stargrace wanted to go back to Kunark. Not yet at least. Last time she had ventured out that way she ws promptly chased down by everything with legs it seemed – and a good deal of creatures with no legs. She had a contract to fulfill though and was so exceptionally close to completing it. Never one to simply give up, she looked for an alternative means of accomplishing it. 

A friend had mentioned that they’d been spending the majority of their time in Everfrost lately. It had been literally years since Stargrace had bothered to venture into the frozen Tundra, she simply hadn’t felt the need. Who wanted to get all bundled up anyhow. The more she thought about it the more she thought it may just be the place for her. So, gathering her heaviest clothing and a good supply of food and drink (which was rare for her as a provisioner, typically she kept everyone else fed while she herself starved) off she went. 

The landscape had changed slightly since last she had been there. Tunnels burrowed deep within the snow walls radiated a certain warmth, and the pioneers had settled into the Bitterwind alcove. She lept up at the chance to help Li Ning Ventur, who had lost her husband (how does one lose such things?) in her travels. Stargrace braved the icy water to recover Mr. Ventur’s ring (to return to his grieving wife of course) and along with it – his entire hand. No doubt the sacred monument graces the top of some fire place or perhaps a dining table at this very moment. Feeling proud of herself, Stargrace continued on to see who else she could help while she collected parts for various other contracts. 

She practically stumbled into the Bitterwind camp, the snow was so thick. She did not remember it blowing quite so hard before. Once there she was informed that wolves had been bothering the camp, and she was sent to quickly dispatch them. Their furs would make wonderfully warm pelts for those living in the camp. She did a few other menial chores for the folks gathered there, one of which she foolishly fell into. Thala Rohquilin wanted to ward the wolves away from the camp which Stargrace did eagerly enough – however then it came down to placing a bucket of meat in the snow which called forth a great white bear such as Stargrace had never seen before. She thought she would be surely eaten! It gnashed it’s teeth together and rose up on its hind legs, trying to frighten Stargrace.

Thankfully, she was brave and took down the creature without too much issue. Thala thanked the woman for her help, clapping and going on about how the pelt would make wonderful furs for the camp. All the while Stargrace braved a smile thinking to herself that it would have been nice had the camp WARNED her about the giant ice bear first. 

She packed up her belongings after that.. incident and decided it was best if she continued on her way. 


(( Ding, 78! Managed to get Stargrace the remainder of her level by doing grey quests in Everfrost. It was nice to step away from the typical RoK quest grind, even if only briefly, to work on something a lot more fun. Now just two more to go… hrms, just like the Nostalgia guild levels. ))

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  1. Hudson says:

    Seeing that bear reminds me of 1999 all over again. My poor level 2 Barbarian tank Kromagorn venturing out of Halas only to be TORN ALIVE BY DAMN POLAR BEARS!

    Interesting stuff. Glad that zone got some attention

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