Fall Elf

Bleh. I was trying too hard today and it shows. I know her eyes are completely off, when I started I had not planned on putting the bits of fire and fairy around her fingers, so I had her looking off in the distant at something. The origional isn’t even worth linking, it’s bigger and her eyes are more noticeable. I have spring and summer left, I’ll have to wait until I’m in a better mood though I think. Feeling slightly stressed about life and I had wanted to try to relax with some art.

1 Response to Fall Elf

  1. Kasul says:

    I like her staring at something other than her hand, it makes it seem she’s disengaged from the magic she’s calling upon. Gives it a very unearthly feeling. Love what you’ve done with her hair and jewelry too, it looks great. :)

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