Squig Bait

What an unfortunate nick name to get stuck with. At times though, that’s exactly how my Archmage feels, especially in scenarios. The first few times I run one it goes fairly smooth, I stand at range, slap on some DoT’s to up my heals, and then heal until there’s a lull, then put out more dots. Things go fairly quietly for me until they (destruction in this case) realizes that the person they’re fighting keeps getting healed – how annoying is that! 

Exceptionally, apparently. Because before I know it, a whole swarm of destruction has come swooping down, ignoring the one they were fighting only to pummel me into the ground. Ah, such is the life of a healer. Once destruction has figured out who the healers are things can quickly go downhill. Especially if there are no tanks playing on the order side of things. Last night I had a scenario with 5 healers and a bunch of dps – but no tanks. No one to stop the swarms from attacking us and be out there in the front lines. We were vanquished, easily. 

I’m still dissapointed that females can’t be tanks on the destruction side. I understand all of the roleplay reasons behind it (( and LORE reasons.. I get it, 25 year old game yada yada )) but I think it’s really just… I want to say stupid but that’s not the right word. It’s really not nice. I realize there shouldn’t be such an issue with me playing a male character if I want to tank destruction THAT bad, but call me weird, I don’t want any danglie bits. I also realize it probably won’t be THAT much of an issue because lets face it, there are just less female gamers then there are male. 

I started a Zealot on Ostermark, which is a heavily populated Rp server. I didn’t get to play much last night since I had other things to attend to, but it was still fun even though I’m not particularly fond of the Chaos starting area. I hear it’s one of the more popular. 

Despite some bad comments about the Tome of Knowledge – I think it’s fantastic. I love to keep track of things, be they quests or roleplay stories or whatever else and this little thing does it all. I love the fact that there’s a built in bestiary and a way to check my titles, and more importantly – a place to read the chapter stories. They’re categorized not only by chapter and ‘main’ story, but also by public quest, and the stories associated with them. I don’t have the most amazing of memories, and it’s nice to be able to flip back to chapter one and read about what was going on. 

A few other people have mentioned this – it’s one of the QUIETEST games I have ever played. Do people all talk on some channel I’m not aware of? No one says a peep. Where’s the general chat? Maybe I have it turned off but it says I’m joining and leaving channels each time I move to a new section of land. I’ve barely heard anyone say anything, unless it was the roleplay stories I’ve stumbled onto simply due to the servers I play on. Who knew one day I’d actually complain that a game is too silent. I’ve heard a handful of people talking in scenarios but even then it’s typically quiet. 

I know I’ve been writing a lot about WAR lately, but keep in mind that I’m waiting on the newest game update for EQ2 as well as the expansion – I have multiple level 80’s there and I’ve just been slightly burnt out. So for those EQ2 readers, no worries I’ll be back, always am. Should get some time to play Guild Wars again this weekend too, which I’m excited about.

9 Responses to Squig Bait

  1. onrpg.com says:

    Definitely one of the best features of the game! :)

  2. Ogrebears says:

    I got that one too…. i’ve gone some pretty sad names when i died a few time in tier 2… i’ll have to look them up

  3. stargrace says:

    Probably more then anyone ever wanted to know….

  4. Openedge1 says:

    Oh boy…Now honestly…how many of those words have YOU used in RL…eh?


    Very funny

    (and PS: I was kidding about the Dagger…Sometimes mine has been referred to as a “Bastard” sword)

    /end bad puns

  5. Openedge1 says:

    slightly rude that I have to have a penis to tank



    Hello… I mean…you need a SWORD to fight with…right?

    Or in my case…a dagger..

    (ok, it is your fault…you had to use the P word…lol)

  6. stargrace says:

    I get all the reasons on WHY there are no female tanks on the Destruction side. Doesn’t mean I like it though. Also doesn’t mean I don’t still find it slightly rude that I have to have a penis to tank.

  7. Hudson says:

    Remember this is based off a miniatures game. In the miniatures game Chaos does not have female characters like that. 25 years of lore I am sure the diehard fans would have blown Mythic up for breaking things like that now!

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