Please don’t step on me Mr. Rhino!

While I may have a good number of level 80 characters myself – there are still reasons to explore content aside from working up (yet another) alt. One main reason of course is friends. Kasul was 20% away from level 78, a huge accomplishment on his part. I offered to help him get the last 20% he needed, and gladly relogged to Petites, my 76 templar. Templars (as most people who play know) can rarely dps their way out of a wet paper bag, and that’s when the bag is wide open. Sure, it can be done, but it’s VERY slow. It’s better now that there are a few dps spec’s out there and some better gear, but I follow the age old tradition that a healer, heals (unless they’re morphed into some hybrid class such as the blood mage from VG or the disciple in WAR etc). Anyhow. 

We made our way through Fens of Nathsar, pinging off a few heroic quests each of us had. One attempt left us both dead and licking our wounds. Did you get the name of that truck? The mob may have been blue ^^^ heroic to us, but he hit like an epic. After clearing out a few simple quests we headed to Kunzar Jungle – where I had not finished a single quest in the entire zone. I grabbed some sokokar posts, and thankfully Kazul was patient while we ran around getting various updates that I needed. 

Petites managed 20% of experience in the same amount of time that Kasul got his, which was great. I really didn’t want to linger in RoK for too long, those quests still bring back horrid memories. Hey, it can hardly be blamed, I do have an 80 warden dirge coercer, 78 illusionist, 76 templar, 61 necromancer and 47 monk. Not to mention 5 level 80 crafters. I’m so eager for the next expansion just so that I have something to do other then leveling alts. Oh, and I’m eager about those guild halls, too. Kasul and I managed to complete a few writs while we were adventuring, although now 15,000 personal experience (1,500 guild) is barely moving us .8% each time. Ouch. Going to have to get back to grinding out those last two levels!

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  1. Gnewton says:

    Heya Star! /hugs from Gnewt

    Grats to Kasul on 78!!! Hopefully I’ll be hitting 80 before the expansion comes out (Pepp’s 75.9 or so). I’m planning on playing a bunch this weekend and next. Hopefully all those RoK quests won’t be too bad for a first timer through.

    I just wanted to empathize with you in regards to the guild leveling. Pepp is finally a level 80 Tailor and I believe I got our guild about 75% of a guild level last weekend. I went from lvl 55 to 80 in three days… Boy was I tired of seeing that loom! Eclipse (our guild on Kith) is about 28.4 right now… Anyway, I have started on my crafter epic and hope to complete it by the end of this weekend as well.

    I seem to be rambling now, but I just wanted to drop in and say HOWDY! Grats to Kasul and Nostalgia 2.0! :)

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