Ishbel’s Sex Change

Ishbel knew there was a way around her situation. The fact that women could not enter combat in the front lines for Chaos in heavy armor bothered her. It had bothered her for years now and she had finally reached an age where she was almost free to do as she wanted. As free as anyone was who lived under Chaos. She was going to do something about it. Something drastic. 

So she headed to Mount Bloodhorn and met with a goblin Shaman, who whispered to her about an orc illusion spell he had been working on in secrecy. The illusion would only work for a few short hours at a time but it would give off the impression that she was an orc to anyone who happened to look at her. The shaman contained the illusion in an inking along her flesh, the sharp needle digging into her. She had only to say the incantation, and she’d have the appearance of an orc – for a short while at least.  The rest would be left up to her. 

Ishbel went about her daily chores, preparing for her transfer to an orc. She gave excuses for her absence, not that any would mind. She pretended to be working on some special healer formula that would enable her to cast at a longer distance and required hours upon hours of quiet meditation. 


When the time came, Ishbel ducked into an empty cave in Mount Bloodhorn, and murmered the incantation. Looking at herself, she felt repulsed. It was necessairy though. She had wanted this for so long. Willing to obtain it by almost any means possible. 

Ishbel tentatively peeked out of the cave and looked around. Orcs and Goblins were going about their routines, whatever those were. Now or never, she thought to herself. 

No one gave her a second glance. Squigs ran around and loud booms could be heard in the distance – but no one noticed Ishbel. Well, that wasn’t exactly true. She was noticed by one Skarzay. 

“Get in line!” He yelled at her. 

“Uh.. ” She tried to sound like an orc, and simply grunted instead. She took her place behind the others and when it was her turn she picked up a handful of work orders. 

“Name!” Skarzay snapped at her. 

Ishbel had not planned that far ahead. She was so excited that she had forgotten she would even need a name. 

“Zuh…. uh… ” She stammered. 

“Zugug it is!” Skarzay snapped at Assistant Librarian Gruzuk, who stood a few feet away. “Get Zugug recruit clothes, and send him on his way!” Ishbel was shoved forward with the other new recruits. She glanced around. 

“Yo dude!” one orc beside her spoke up, “Put ‘er there!” he held out his hand and Ishbel had to swallow hard to avoid throwing up all over the ground. Green pus oozed from an open wound, and his hand was covered in what looked suspiciously like feathers. 

“Uh… ” She grunted again and closed her eyes, shaking the orcs hand and ignoring the sounds.

“I’m Gorenutz!” He shouted proudly. 

Men. Are. Stupid. Was all Ishbel could think to herself. 

“Zugug.” She said out loud. 

Suddenly a wave of voices started repeating a chant – a chant she should know, she realized. She could have slapped herself for not preparing for all of this. She would have to fake it. 

“Time to… tear.. and smash.. time to .. laugh.. and slash?” She stumbled through the verse some how, mouthing the words and making up those she didn’t know. She made notes to remember it before it was repeated a second time. It wouldn’t do any good to have her cover blown so early. 

She read over her forms, and noticed she was being sent to Da Slop. She had no idea where that was. Looking at her map she found a crude drawing of a bubble bursting and ‘slop’ scribbled across in chicken scratch. Alright then. She hefted her axe to her side, shield on the other and whispered a silent thanks that she had watched her brothers training all those years, it was going to pay off. 

When she reached ‘Da Slop’ she just about turned around and gave up pretending to be an orc right then. Words could not even describe the disgusting view before her. Burping and belching, orcs and goblins alike scratching in places that she wouldn’t even dare touch in public. 

Ew. Gross. 

She held her breath and walked through the green muck, it clung to her feet and she bit her tongue to avoid making any extra sound. This was going to take a lot more effort then she thought. 

As she came across the moving crates along the beach she remembered why she was doing it. The thrill and blood thirst that ran through her veins that healing could not satisfy. The ache and longing to smash in a dwarfs face with her shield, and the sound of bones splintering into a thousand pieces. 

Ah, yes. THIS was worth it. For now, at least. 


(( New little Rp story, since women on the Destruction side can’t be tanks, I found a roleplay method to be one. Works for now. I had fun doing the Orc starter quests. We’ll see where this goes. )) 

Edit: Title changed slightly as per Tipa’s wisdom

6 Responses to Ishbel’s Sex Change

  1. stargrace says:

    I’m game, but I want 50% of the profits from any broadcasts… *grins*

  2. Openedge1 says:

    Ahh, the wonderful limitations some games make on the fairer sex.

    Uncalled for..

    Saylah gets in bar brawls and you get a special “change”..

    Fight the power ladies!!!

    (Now, if we could just get the two ladies to meet up, say in the bedroom and then…DOH!!…Sorry…uh…Woman Power! Take down the Man! /raisefist)

  3. stargrace says:

    It probably would have gotten a lot more hits, that’s for sure!

  4. Tipa says:

    This would have been a lot more fun if it had been titled “Ishbel’s Sex Change”.

    Just saying.

  5. Omg that was awesome! I laughed and also really liked the character.

  6. saylah says:

    LOL. Loved it. I’m also enjoying my exploration and inner RP legs.

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