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I posted previously about how Beckett MOG (Massive Online Gamer) had an in game item for those people who purchased Issue #15 for EverQuestII – but didn’t mention at the time (since I wasn’t playing WAR) that it also comes with an in game item for WAR. It’s a bracelet (shows a graphic ‘n everything) that’s purple – no idea if it can be salvaged. I was expecting to have some sort of /claim option to use it, but instead once I added the code to my WAR subscrption, logged into game and it was in my mailbox on the first character I logged in. I have no idea if that means it will be waiting there for all characters, or if that was a one time deal.

Like most ‘free’ in game items, it’s not that impressive to me. Or rather, aspects of it are not. It’s a 2 charge 5 minute buff for PvE. The +2 to all stats is pretty nice though. 

A huge thank you to Kasul who gave me his WAR code since he’s not playing. Since I can’t seem to find the dang magazine for sale up here in Canada yet. I am supposed to be on their mailing list, or so I was told when I started to write for Beckett, but the mail here seems to be slow, drawn by polar bears or some such. 

In any case, neat little item for those who bought the magazine. Combine that with the EQ2 in game house item, and a 3rd item that’s for a game I’ve never heard of before, and they’ve got quite a nice deal going on – not including the wonderful articles.

3 Responses to Beckett MOG in game WAR Item

  1. onrpg says:

    It’s good if a bonus item in game is useful and nice without affecting the balance of the game. If it was for PvP maybe there would be people complaining – and with a reason why! :)

  2. crookshankz says:

    I know my preorder items were available for all my toons. Really not a bad item @ lvl 1 :-)

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