Little Big Planet – Preordered!

I’ve never really been a *huge* gamer. There’s a few games I play with a fair amount of frequency and they all have one component in common. They’re typically ‘creation’ type games. Games where you can use your creativity to build in some way shape or form. I loved The Sims – and not because I actually enjoyed the game all that much, but because I could spend hours and hours building whole scenes and worlds, families, neighbours. Houses. Decorating. (wonder where my EQ2 passion of housing comes from hmm?) I love spore not so much for the gameplay (though I do love that too) but for the creation process. Developing your own creatures and watching them progress due to choices you make for them. Creating space ships and cars, houses. That’s what I enjoy. The same can even be said about Civilization which I enjoy a great deal. Watching a city or town grow and expand, evolve based on the choices you’ve made for them – even if there’s no real creative design aspect to the game, it follows a similar path. 

So I’ve been eagerly waiting for Little Big Planet for the PS3 to release. Today it was time for a trip to EBGames, to finally preorder the game. Traded in three others that were getting little to no use (and got $90 store credit) so the preorder is paid in full. You also get a code for a kratos costume (pictured above) for your little sackboy. I had read that you can actually have 5 of these codes to give away to others, so there’s lots of trading going on, but I haven’t managed to confirm any of it yet. I admit I’m not QUITE up to date on my Little Big Planet information. 

I’m eager to jump into a world that the players control (to some degree) – and my only concern is that SOE will decide to pump this full of ‘pay to access’ content. I don’t mind if the costumes are something you have to pay for, but I really don’t want to see building aspects to a game I paid $60 for to be included in that whole ordeal. I know some of you are shaking your heads and thinking ‘but it’s sony…’ and that I should know better. I suppose we’ll see though.

If you’re going to be playing, please add my playstation network ID, it would be fantastic to see what people I know are creating. It should be fun!

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  1. Kasul says:

    There was an article about Little Big Planet in the latest Game Informer (the ad mag that Gamestop puts out). It looks really cool, and the option to play multiplayer and upload your creations online look like they’ll be alot of fun. Games like this make me wish I had a ps2! :)

    Can’t wait to read more about it when you get your copy!

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