Aquarium – A Must have in Norrathian Housing

Ever since Gorown released a quest that rewarded a house item fish trophy that could hang on a wall people have been designing aquariums in game. There’s quite a popular thread about them, and how complex or simple people have turned these designs into. Of course, there’s also the people who complain that now EVERYONE has an aquarium. With the 5 new plushies added to the Everfrost revamp, there’s even more of a reason. 

So this is an aquarium in the works, on the Najena server, Freeport 5-room house in South Freeport. It’s quite simple to make, using Oggok tables (rock base), Satherian coffins, some hanging mine lanterns, and of course the actual plushies that make up the sea creatures and whatever tid bits the customer had in their house already (ie: treasure chest and skulls). It’s not turning out too badly so far. Once we’re able to re-size furniture, I want to attempt to cover three sides with mystical mirrors, and see what the effect looks like. We’ll see how that goes though. Snow drift used for the ‘bubbles’ as a side note.

3 Responses to Aquarium – A Must have in Norrathian Housing

  1. Kasul says:

    Aquariums are far from played out, and with the new rewards from the everfrost revamp along with the ability to resize mystical mirrors I think we’re going to see a new wave of aquarium building in EQ2.

    It looks great from the screenshots! The bubbles are a great touch.

  2. Ahhh, tis’ beautiful stargrace!

  3. rao says:

    Looks very nice.

    Personally, I won’t ever do an aquarium in EQ2. For me, aquariums were played out a very long time ago in SWG. During all the years I did decorating in that game, it was one of my most requested creations and I got so sick of them.

    So while I can appreciate the way that people do them in EQ2, they just aren’t for me personally.

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