Game Update 49 set for Today?

There is a 4h downtime today for EQ2 and I, like many others, are REALLY hoping and excited that this is more then likely the implementation of GU49. I spent the majority of yesterday working on guild status, trying to inch our way closer to 29. We won’t be able to purchase a hall right away, we’ll need at least one more level. Thankfully it shouldn’t be too long of a grind to get that one more level – I hope.

I did around 40 writs yesterday while I watched random movies. Stargrace has surpassed the 50,000 faction mark with Ironforge exchange (at least in my mind) and has become more of a permanent fixture in the building then an actual character. She’s almost reached 200,000 guild status, which is close to Silhouette’s 300,000 and Petites 80,000. 

I spent a portion of yesterday building an aquarium for a friend as well. A huge one in an upper portion of their 5-room house. I’m eager to finish it but I was curious as to whether or not I would want to manipulate the size of any of the items I used. I think perhaps the snowdrift (which I used to create ‘bubbles’ and some of the sea creatures themselves. Being able to resize items is going to be wonderful for us decorators, although I have been fairly content with the size of things ‘as is’ it will be nice to create themed character homes, or be able to stretch out a rug across a specific area (or a table, if I’m using it for a floor etc). I know the acorn chairs I’d love to enlarge, as well as the dresser that came as a void storm quest. 

Of course there are lots of other goodies coming out in GU49 including the dual core support (noticeable mostly with particle effects imo) and the new quests in sinking sands which I’m sure will be packed. 

I hope everyone else is just as excited, it should be a good one! Oh, and please remember Nostalgia is always looking for more amazing people to join our ranks if you’re interested, drop me a line.

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