Legend of The Seeker – Sword of Truth Series Comes to Life

Oh. My. Gawd. 

How did this even escape me?! I know not everyone out there is as huge a fan of Terry Goodkind and his Sword of Truth series (books, books!)  as I am, and I completely expect that a lot of people dislike his work – but me, I LOVE his work, and now it’s coming to a TV series near me. I need to find out where this will be playing, and see if there’s any chance at all I can watch it here from Canada. I’m SO excited about this coming out!

The stories have always seemed to come to life for me in his writing, his characters leap off the page and grab you by the scruff of the neck and pull you headfirst into the books. The characters were everything to me. 

For more information you can join the ‘official’ forums here. You can also watch a few promos for the show here on the right hand side. I admit now that I loved watching Xena (and her hot little blond sidekick), I watched Buffy (and her hot little redheaded sidekick!), and I’ve lacked a good show to watch for a while now. I’m practically doing cartwheels I’m so excited about this!

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  1. stargrace says:

    I DO read your blog! Not sure how I ever missed you writing about it, again it’s probably because I wasn’t using google reader at the time, which caused me to miss some stuff. No worries now though, I dedicatedly read each and every post!

    Dang it, I need more American channels.. =/

    I’m not a fan of sci-fi at all, but an avid fantasy watcher of course. When it’s on. Oh, wait, that’s RIGHT it’s NOT ON. Gah. Have I mentioned I’m excited about this? I totally am.

  2. Openedge1 says:

    Hey…thought you read my blog…lol. I posted this a couple of weeks ago…YOU!!!

    Yea, I am geeked about this for the main reason of Sam Raimi.
    And the second reason is THERE ARE NO FANTASY shows on TV…..unless it is Sci-Fi somehow.

    I want a REAL High Fantasy piece.

    Luckily there is also Merlin currently airing on the BBC networks and should come to BBC USA or SciFi channel also. We have watched it and really think it is enjoyable…good actors, cheesy CGI, and a little play with the history of Merlin (for example, Guinevere is a young maid to Morgana, and has a small crush on Merlin…lol)
    Also has Anthony Head of Buffy fame…
    Check it out here

    But, OMG, I cannot wait for this series…hooray!

  3. stargrace says:

    I *just* crawled out from under my rock and started using google reader to keep track of everyone else’ site out there (thanks again Tipa) so I’ve missed some info going around apparently. Glad I heard about it in game tonight though! *cheers*

  4. Ardwulf says:

    Edge mentioned this a couple of weeks ago – I hadn’t heard about it until then.

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