Nostalgia Dings 29, Guildhalls Release, and other Ramblings

I’ve been working very dang hard to help Nostalgia reach level 30 in order to purchase a T1 guildhall. Actually three of us have been working very hard, there’s Kasul with over 500,000 guild status now, Ecor who just showed up out of no where and offered to help us level who finally hit 100,000 status yesterday, and myself who has over 500,000 status spread across multiple characters. The guild events window is filled with nothing but writs as of late. We’re so close we can practically taste it, and yet we’re not quite close enough. That happens though, when you have so few people working towards a huge goal. It takes time. Aside from leveling the guild (each writ gives 0.5% now at T8) Kasul and myself donated the 125p between us to purchase the hall, and also have the 14,000,000 status required for amenities. I toured the T1 guildhall located in Gorowyn, and it’s beautiful. It may be a little small, but I still think it’s fantastic and once we are able to purchase it, it will be even better. 

Since I’ve been doing pretty much nothing in game besides help Nostalgia get to 30, I didn’t even have a chance to check out much of the update yesterday. I did of course make an effort to check out the new housing bits. There are a lot of them and they’re all wonderful. They range from new rugs to banners to chairs stools and couches with an unrest theme. You can find pictures of them all here. Wonderful job on those. 

Being able to scale furniture was another big hit with me. I made a few acorn chairs proper size for my characters. I removed the 3 mystical mirrors I was using for my aquarium and enlarged one so that just the rippled effect is showing and not the bright orange boarder. I shrunk books that didn’t fit in the shelves, as well as my large sales crates. I shrunk all of the LoN paintings that were covering the walls, and condensed them all in a mural type setting. I shrunk some tables to the size of proper coffee tables for the new unrest couches that I’d placed. 

I heard others talking about the new purple shinies, and the new quests in sinking sands involving D.I.R.T.Y money but I haven’t had time yet to check it out. Hopefully I’ll meander my way over there some time today or later this week, we’ll see. I heard a lot of people complaining they noticed no change with the dual core support added — but I certainly noticed a difference. From what I had heard and read, you would most likely see a difference with particle effects, and cloth simulation as well as shadows. I run on the 2nd highest setting all of the time and it runs exceptionally smooth now. 

There are some fantastic halloween items coming out when that goes live, rumor had it they would be included in this update, but I don’t believe they were. One change I did not enjoy – they adjusted my wardens epic to sit on her back rather then at her hip. It cuts off her head. It also rests over top of her shield, so she has both her shield and her epic sword showing and it just looks weird. I did a /feedback when I saw that in beta a while ago and hope it gets changed. 

All things considering, great update. Hopefully Nostalgia will hit 30 and I’ll have a little more time to explore the changes!

Also! A huge hello to ‘Pouncequick’ who said hi to me in game yesterday out of the blue, mentioning they read my blog. So /wave and /hug – always a pleasure to meet a reader (and any fellow writers!)

5 Responses to Nostalgia Dings 29, Guildhalls Release, and other Ramblings

  1. martin says:

    Good luck…
    Did anybody notice any performance increase with the new multi core patch? I thought it seemed to be running quite a bit quicker on my quad core..hopefully it wasent just my imagination :)

  2. crookshankz says:

    Gratz on 29 and good luck with 30!! Sounds like you’ve been busy :-)

  3. stargrace says:

    Kasul is off today, and so far we’re 50% through level 29… we SHOULD be able to hit 30 today, and buy the guildhall. *CHEERS*

  4. Tipa says:

    Sorry I ducked out last night; prez debates and wanting to take a look at the new stuff in EQ drew me away. But my fingers aren’t hurting at all; I’m up for a few dozen writs!

    30 or bust!

  5. Openedge1 says:

    Sinking Sands…YUM
    My favorite zone in EQ2..Love the Egyptian styling of that area and it feels so cohesive compared to some others (except for the Hobbit Rip-off zone…but I guess you can see why I do NOT like THAT zone..hehe)
    I think I like Egyptian and Norse styled games (Age of Conan has all of those in one…lol)…

    *Tempted to renew before free time…*

    (Patience Padawan)

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