Congratulations Nostalgia

We did it.

Yesterday morning Nostalgia was 100% away from level 30, the lowest guild level needed in order to buy a guildhall. Writs (tier8 crafter) were rewarding .5% experience at 15,000 stauts a shot. I figured it would take us a week to grind out that final level, but Nostalgia came together (as I’ve seen the band of folks do before) and by 5:30pm EST we had finished getting the entire level. 

200 writs later..

Honestly, yesterday was probably the best day I’ve ever had in EQ2, minus taking down Chel’Drak for the first time where I also screamed on vent once we’d accomplished it. Hey, it was a big deal way back when. I kept my sanity grinding writs by spamming twitter and the few people who were following that, a huge thank you to Tay and Tipa for the entertainment and putting up with my comments every few minutes while I tried not to just throw the whole computer out the window. 

Getting to level 30 was a big deal for us. We’re a really small guild I’ve said that a lot. Most of us play other games and it’s rare to see any more then 3-4 of us on at once and that’s pretty much the entire guild right there. The guild was formed in May, so we haven’t been around a long time either. We’re not raiders (if anything we’re crafters at heart). I was so very proud of everyone, I just can’t even express the feeling, please believe me when I stress the amount of work that went into this.

Aside from reaching level 30, we had 125p saved up so we could buy the hall + amenities, and we had donations of over 24,000,000 status into escrow. 

We had discussed on the guild forums where the hall would be – Gorowyn so that everyone could get there easily. We also discussed which 5 amenities we’d be purchasing. 5 is really not enough. We have a banker, rush order writs, the recall to guildhall statue, a fuel merchant, and druid rings. We don’t have a broker, or a merchant who we can sell to. We can’t make all of our npc wear the same uniform, or change that uniform. We can rename them all with cute little names though. Our banker is Mini Tipa (halfling, of course) and we have a mini Kasul giving out rush writs. 

The hall itself is huge and beautiful and a vast representation of everything we worked towards. No, it’s not the T3 or even the T2 hall but I take far more pride in what my small guild accomplished together then any other guild I’ve been in, and I’ve been in a lot. 

Now of course, the decorating begins. We wandered around together as a guild and planned out rooms. A crafting room (thank you for the machine donations!), library, and bedrooms for members down below where there’s more freedom for people to ‘do whatever’ with the space (and where I’ll try not to let my decorating sense tingle too much, I wanted everyone to have their own area to call theirs). I’ll be building Nostalgia a stage and music themed area much like the one located in Tipa’s house already. We’re all artisans of some sort, crafters, musicians, writers. 

So, that was my night last night. I didn’t actually do any decorating. I started to build a kitchen and it wasn’t working out so I decided to leave it be for now and I’d go back to it today. 

For anyone wandering around Najena who wants to come visit, please feel free. At the moment the guild is on visitor status, open to the public. I’ve also set our druid rings, writ giver, and fuel merchant to public status for now. We’ll see how it goes. For more Nostalgia fun be sure to check out Tipa’s post about the whole thing too!

7 Responses to Congratulations Nostalgia

  1. Prezzer says:

    Whoops! That’ll learn me :)

  2. Sirhyl says:

    I made the front page =)

    Thank you for all the hard work you have put in to this, and I am sorry I couldnt be more help. Been too busy with Life (and other games) to much a ton of time in to EQ2. I am going to try to put some more and maybe find a toon I like enough to level to 80 =)

    Thank you again

  3. stargrace says:

    “For anyone wandering around Najena who wants to come visit, please feel free. At the moment the guild is on visitor status, open to the public. I’ve also set our druid rings, writ giver, and fuel merchant to public status for now”

    Got to learn to read to the end Prezzer! *grins*

  4. Prezzer says:

    Congratulations! Nice going for a small guild. So, can outsiders stop by and visit like with regular housing, or is it all private?

  5. Lysari says:

    That is a huge accomplishment. We just hit level 40 in Green Council ourselves and it feels really good. Our guild is essentially four people right now so to be able to hit 40 and have the guild hall and know that we can afford it.. I’m so proud.

    Go Nostalgia!

  6. crookshankz says:

    I’m planning to log in tonight to check out my guild’s hall. I’ll try to come by and check yours out as well. Congratz on 30!

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