Keep it Simple St– er, you know the rest

While decorating, and listening to everyone else decorate, I’ve noticed a few things. How could I not. I feel that our (Nostalgia’s) guildhall should represent us, and I’m fairly certain everyone in the guild feels the same way. We’re not big and uber, but we’re filled with passion. So our guildhall for the most part has been fairly simplistic, with some creative and passionate aspects thrown in. I actually feel lucky that we’re small because were we any larger no doubt we’d have huge decorating disagreements and pillows / beds / other various house items would go flying. So far it’s been easy. 

Each craft station within the hall has it’s own little area. The craft room is huge, and I like that guild members can personalize this space. Tipa added some neat little (literally) bits to her tailor section, Kasul with his jewelcrafting, and I turned the provisioner area into… well. You can see the screen shots for yourself. 

The smaller shots don’t do it justice, so please feel free to stop by.

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  1. stargrace says:

    It’s a slow decorating-in-progress type scenario, hehe. Nostalgia has been doing fantastic with it though. I’m eager to hit 35 (5 levels away, ugh) so we can buy two more amenities. We could really use a broker, and a vendor to sell stuff to.

  2. rao says:

    I had intended to create an alt last night so I could come by and take a look, but time wasn’t on my side. I’ll hopefully find the time either tonight or tomorrow. I would love to see what you all are doing.

  3. Saylah says:

    Amazing accomplishment. I’ve always respected how dedicated you and your guild are to EQ2. I still feel that EQ2 has the best crafting system I’ve encountered of any game. Especially the post pre-combine changes :-) Odd thing is that the more I like any MMO, the more I always wish that they’d just do an EQ2-like crafting system so that I could have it all.

    Congratulations. I wish you all many many happy hours in your new guild hall.

  4. Tipa says:

    Oh my, that looks so cool :)

    My dummies are definitely headed to the tailoring station. And my throw pillow as well :)

    This is SO COOL!!!!!

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