Everyone Starts Somewhere

3D rendition of my wood elf illusionist – Stargrace. 

Believe it or not Stargrace actually has a history behind her. At least in EQ2 (and I mean the character obviously, and not my rl persona). She’s got a sister, Arysh D’Verilex – who’s a Teir’Dal. 

Stargrace is possessed by an evil spirit, Silhouette (who happens to be a Teir’Dal coercer, the opposite of the illusionist). Which is why no one ever sees them together. Stargrace shuns the Teir’Dal connection in her family, and that’s where Silhouette comes into play, since she’s all for promoting the family name and doing Innoruuk’s work. I actually played all of this out when I was on Antonia Bayle (roleplay server) but it’s been ages since I’ve added to the story any. It’s difficult now that I’m not on an rp server, as people tend to snicker and point if you attempt any such thing on Najena.

Anyhow, nice way to spend a Friday afternoon. Enjoy the long weekend those who are celebrating turkey day (all my Canadian friends).

2 Responses to Everyone Starts Somewhere

  1. stargrace says:

    Our online persona’s are supposed to be the opposite of our RL ones, right? *grins*

  2. Openedge1 says:

    A very cute mouth, and so innocent…

    Hmmm…innocent…this is NOT Stargrace!!


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