To Speak as a Dragon – Lavastorm Goodness

I needed to take a little break from the decorating madness. Guildhalls are not going anywhere, and there’s plenty of time to build up a fantastic looking hall. I’ve seen some of the work going on at the Norrathian Homeshow, and also heard some of the horror stories that I knew would be associated with this. Things like “anyone can resize and move any item placed in the hall if they belong to the guild” and there’s always that one prankster who doesn’t understand how difficult it was to place all of those books, who goes and changes it all. Then there’s the “my guild leader said *I* could decorate but when I went back they had changed everything!”

More reasons why I’m happy that Nostalgia is the size it is and as of yet we have not had any issues with decorating the hall. Even if we did, we’re a fairly open bunch and we’d just talk about it, like adults do, and throw furniture later. 

I have been feeling the urge to work down some older quest chains, the Peacock line and claymore in specific. Since Silhouette hasn’t been around for all that long, I never started Speak as a Dragon which is one of the major ‘access’ quests in game that’s actually still used today. 

Of course, way back when it used to be an epic quest to even get the starter, and now it’s been changed to heroic. I headed through lavastorm on the new graphic settings I have my computer at. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the new dual core support? I’ve been playing on 2nd highest settings easily, sans lag. Even in Qeynos Harbor. I could probably play on the highest settings, but I didn’t want to push things too far. This game is absolutely beautiful, and it’s something I’ve missed seeing. Even the older zones are beautiful. Lavastorm and Everfrost with their particular hot / cold flavours are just breathtaking.  I took screen shots of me running past the Oracle Tower in Antonica, and it was inspiring. 

I wasn’t feeling well so I logged off shortly after picking up the quest starter, but hopefully today I can run around collecting runes. Having a recall to guildhall spell every 15 minutes, and a druid who will port me around, is of course very handy. Plus I can pick up the shrubs I’ve forgotten – and the new one that they added to Darklight Woods. 

I still haven’t done the new D.I.R.T.Y. quests yet in sinking sands, maybe that will be another goal for today. I’m also trying to decide who I want to ‘settle’ on playing once the expansion goes live in November. So far I’m torn. Not that I HAVE to settle down, but things are always easier to accomplish on one character first then they are to do on 10. We’ll just have to see!

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  1. rao says:

    I still need to finish this quest. I have started it on both Rao and Ray, but haven’t finished it on either. Rao is up to the runes in Obelisk, but I haven’t done the access quest yet. Ray has only done the start parts and hasn’t done any rune collecting at all. Maybe I’ll get some time this weekend to run Ray around and catch him up to Rao. Then, just 2-box them through the access and wrap the thing up.

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