The Start of a Great Weekend

First of all. Why is a skin care site ripping my Mmo blog posts? As far as I know it’s been years since I talked about the maintenance of high elf skin compared to that of a wood elf. Seriously. I forget whose site I was reading, but I noticed they had a little legal disclaimer at the end of their post, so that any bots trying to take the article would be taking that portion along with it and people would at least know there the original site was. I’d hate to have to do that, but I’m starting to think maybe it’s a good idea. 

Last night, for the first time in a very long time, I worked on RoK quests with Stargrace (who’s been in the 70’s forever now and I had no intentions of leveling her again since every time I did a quest it made me want to gouge out my eyes) and actually didn’t feel the urge to get sick. This is a huge deal to me, I was actually having fun working in Kunzar Jungle, and got some upgrades. I made a list of ‘easy to obtain’ upgrades that I’ll eventually have to get. I also splurged and bought a few masters that were relatively cheap. I’m not sure why I had the sudden urge to start playing her, but I’m happy none the less. 

I wandered around doing faction quests for Kunzar Jungle, trying to make the zone a little friendlier to me. I had also not gotten any of the sokokar posts, and couldn’t use the druid ring, so I got those taken care of. Have I mentioned yet how swell it is to have a druid porter in the guild hall? Well, it is. When we made the decision to get one of those rather then another craft item or a different transportation sort, it was specifically because the druid rings port you a wide variety of places compared to the other methods. There’s also a new druid ring in Darklight woods. There’s Antonica, Commonlands, Darklight Woods, Kelethin, Kylong Plains, Kunzar Jungle, Steamfont, and Butcherblock. The rings may not port to the overrealm, but the antonica druid portal is right beside the wizard spires. 

I noticed SOE snuck a few ‘changes’ into various encounters when they added GU49, and people are not too happy. For one, that last name in Veksar. He spawns two or three adds (I forget the exact number) in his encounter during the fight – and people typically used to mez those each time they spawned, because he also has a nasty AoE that goes off and needs curing RIGHT away. There’s plenty of damage going on in general. Well, now those adds can not be mez’d, and there were some saying they couldn’t be stunned, or rooted, or stifled either. Aside from that encounter, there’s a Veeshan’s Peak encounter that was changed significantly too. 

Re-learning an encounter is not that big of a deal – but not telling people the encounter has been changed is slightly frustraiting and a waste of time for those who didn’t know about it. You head to the encounter thinking everything is the same as always and then 10 seconds pass and you’re thinking to yourself, woah, something is different. 

Last night Najena also had some server issues, something I haven’t seen in quite some time. We crashed twice, and channels messed up for a while. No idea what the cause was, but it was fixed within the hour at least.

Safe travels and happy blogging to everyone, happy turkey day on Monday for those fellow Canadians celebrating too!



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