EQ2’s Festival of Discord – Simply Amazing

Gnobrin, hanging out in the center of one of the tented areas for the Festival of Discord. I took some time today to wander around the area before events start later on tonight. The opening ceremonies were yesterday, and unfortunately I had a thanksgiving dinner so I could not attend. 

I expected to see a few tents, as I did with the Festival of Unity. 

I did not expect this HUGE fair ground site that I encountered today. Wow. What an amazing time and effort put into this by the players who are hosting this. That’s right, this is a PLAYER run event, where GM’s have graciously come along and aided them in their yearly celebration on one of EQ2’s roleplay servers. Isn’t it amazing to see where creativity will take you?

Again, if you haven’t gone to visit the Festival grounds, I urge you to give it a shot. The roleplay is fantastic, the grounds look amazing, and people put a lot of hard work into running these events. These are the things that make EQ2 home.

3 Responses to EQ2’s Festival of Discord – Simply Amazing

  1. Stargrace says:

    It *can* be though.
    It’s completely up to the players to take the initiative. Sure, Rp servers have a bonus – with lots of people already involved in their thriving rp community. But anyone at all can run these sort of events if they dedicate the time and effort to it.

  2. Ogrebears says:

    I some time wish stuff like this was on non RP servers.

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