Festival of Discord – Beauty Pageant

The contestants were a unique bunch. The only ones allowed to partake in the Festival of Discord’s “beauty” pageant, were trolls, ogres, sarnak, ratonga and of course the scaly iksar. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, after all. A fair number of people showed up, something I was pleased to see. The event itself was hosted by one Ariania, who was having a few computer issues ahead of time. 

The participants were asked to show off their ‘talents’ which ranged from dramatic readings, to a demonstration of their abilities. Kanad and I inched closer to the front in order to get better seats. I had thought that /says worked over a greater distance, but apparently I was wrong. They were also asked some pretty hard questions, like what would they do if they found an injured paladin along a deserted road, and what would they do if they had Antonia Bayle in a room alone for an hour. Answers ranged from serious to just outright amusing. 

I joined the festival channel (shown above) on Najena, so that I could listen to the announcements and the activities. After the beauty pageant was a pumpkin carving contest, and then a trivia event. Once all of those were done it was time for some relaxation with a drink and good food at a local tavern. 

I was handed some food and drink by one kind Ratonga who informed me that their supplies this year were actually provided by SOE, which is fantastic. 

Events like this typically have a snowball effect, inspiring others to host their own player events. So I’m happy to announce that Nostalgia will be putting on a performance in the near future in our guildhall for the good people on Najena (of course visitors are also going to be more then welcome). Our very own Tipa Tanglewood (also known on Najena as Dinah) has agreed to write the script while I work behind the scenes on promoting the event. This is just an idea for now, and will become more fleshed out as time passes. Excited? Yes, I am!

Last night was a lot of fun, and it was a perfect ending after spending the early evening decorating.

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