Visitors, Decorating, and Just Plain Fun

A few things to start off with today. First of all, thank you SOE – it’s not odd for me to catch a link from their town crier or see that of a friends blog but when I checked out yesterdays listing on the EQ2players site and saw four of my posts linked, it was a nice little surprise. Since I was having “one of those days” it made me smile. 

Second of all, /waves and hello to Caladwen if she’s reading this! Caladwen sent me a tell yesterday asking to come visit Nostalgia’s guildhall. Of course anyone is more then welcome to stop by (Hey, Rao, that means you eh!) and I chattered with her a little while she ran around. Good thing Buddy didn’t take a bite out of her arm or we’d have a lawsuit on our hands! It was nice to be able to show off every ones stuff, the crafting areas with little bits of personality all over as well as the two new designs we added to the hall yesterday. Remember, this is very much an ongoing work in progress. 

So what was worked on? Well, I finally got the theater stage completed. It’s formed after the one I built for Tipa’s house. Now that we’re able to scale furniture it’s a bit bigger then the one she has, and we’ve decoreated it for Halloween. There’s also a music area, and a bar as well as seating to view the theater. A rug or two in the center of the room and I think it will be complete, maybe some extra seating, I haven’t decided yet. It’s difficult to make sure we won’t run out of house items in the hall. I actually had a dream last night (a sure sign I’m decorating too much) that Tipa called me to tell me we wouldn’t be putting any books at all in the hall because they counted towards the item limit. A huge thank you to Kasul, who built all the twisting stairs used in yesterdays designs. There’s no way I’d have the patience to align those. 

Does anyone know or have an idea of which Bayle that is pictured above? The painting is simply titled “Bayle” but I’m not sure if it’s Kyle Bayle (that’s what my vote was for though) or Antonious or someone else. Kasul went searching through lore archives last night to see if we could figure it out. Ah, what another fantastic aspect to EQ2 (and EQ1 of course). 

Besides decorating I did end up heading to Antonia Bayle to partake in some of the Festival of Discord events, but I’ll be posting about that in a second post. It was a LOT of fun! Remember that the event runs until Saturday, so you still have lots of time to check everything out.

3 Responses to Visitors, Decorating, and Just Plain Fun

  1. stargrace says:

    Was great to see you yesterday Caladwen, feel free to stop by when ever! *hugs*
    Safe travels.

  2. Caladwen says:

    Hello! /waves madly
    The guild hall looks awesome!!! Thanks for letting me visit! I’ll definitely stop by again to keep up with the new changes and also… need to make sure Buddy is behaving of course /giggles

  3. rao says:

    Looks great so far. I’m going to try to create an alt over there this evening and come take a look. I just got distracted over the weekend and never got around to it. I did go so far as to go through Gorowyn and finding the guild hall location so that I would know where it was when I did get over there, so I’m only partly slacking. :)

    As for the painting, I would agree that I think it is Kyle. Kyle Bayle was supposed to be something of a rogue and this picture certainly depicts that.

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