Home Sweet Home

I own a lot of houses in EQ2. Aside from crafting it’s one of my “I want to relax” hobbies that I dedicate a lot of time to when I don’t feel like adventuring. When guildhalls came out I knew I’d still be keeping my homes (and thus far I have) but I also knew I’d probably be downsizing some what. It’s not really because of the halls themselves either, but moving Silhouette from a 5-room Gorowyn home to a 3-room (and then yesterday to a one room) was something I’ve wanted to do for a bit and just had not been motivated.

The one room Gorowyn homes are absolutely huge and more then enough space. I did purchase the item expander, so I can have 200 items instead of 100 (and I’m at 150 currently, lots of room to grow) and I also bought the vault expander so I have 3 vaults for broker sales. Since each one of my characters has their own home, none of them fill up more then three sales crates with goodies, typically. 

I built the house loft style, since the Gorowyn homes have the highest ceilings I’ve ever seen. You could probably stand 6 sarnak on top of one another and still have room left over for a dwarf. I built a library and desk area on the main floor, along with the kitchen (pictured in the first screen shot) and then upstairs I have a little seating area with a bedroom. 

It’s not exactly fancy, but it suits my character just fine. 

The screen shot above is looking down from the loft area into the main room. Since I had downsized first from a 5 room to a 3 room, and then finally to the one room, I had a LOT of spare items left over. I stuck them all on the broker to try to make back some of the coin I spent decorating this past little while. A thank you to Kasul for fixing the stairs properly for me, those are simply not my strength. 

Aside from this one room in Gorowyn, I own two 5-rooms in South Qeynos that need an overhaul. Stargrace and Arysh have had their homes for a few years now with no updates aside from adding new little knickknacks to their collections. I also own a two room in Qeynos Harbor, and in East Freeport. Both of which need decorating. I haven’t really focused much on getting those done (obviously) but hey it’s all one big ongoing work in progress.

7 Responses to Home Sweet Home

  1. loredena says:

    Stargrace, thanks for the screenshot of the stairs! It looks great, and I shall definitely be playing with that — probably in the Gorowyn house since as you said it is ginormous.

  2. stargrace says:

    @ Lorendena – there’s a better shot of the stairs here

  3. rao says:

    That is one of the better uses of space for a 1-room I have seen so far. Very nicely done!

  4. Kasul says:

    That would be one uncomfortable stack of Sarnak after the dwarf climbed on top. Of course, use all dwarves in the example and you’d never get them to stand on each other in the first place, with all the drinking. Even if you could, it’d be too many dwarves to count. :-P

  5. stargrace says:

    Briarwood benches for the stairs, though ornate long shelves also work surprisingly well. :)

  6. loredena says:

    Nifty! What do you use for your stairs? A guildmate is using UFO’s to build a staircase in our guild hall right now, which works surprisingly well, but doesn’t ‘look’ like a stair to me.

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