Pretties are always.. well, pretty!

Went out today looking for a wireless router and ended up finding a laptop for a fairly good price instead. Not complaining! I spent this morning doing awesome instances with Shadowgeist, Eyenstein, Kasul and Tipa, and then spent the rest of the day installing EQ2 and patching, installing trillian, Xfire, EQ2maps, and profit UI auto updater. I need to stick civilization on it as well as spore. I’ve never owned a laptop before, I know I’ve been out of the loop. 

I loaded up EQ2 to see if it would even run, and it did, surprisingly well. It’ll be odd for me to box on two different machines, in my 7 years of playing EQ1/EQ2 I’ve always boxed on the same machine. 

The laptop is not the best of the line by any means, it’s and acer with a 320g drive, 4g of DDR2, and a 15.6″ screen. It’s got vista, which is something else new to me – though I was well aware of the many issues people have with it. I made sure that everything is run in admin mode by default, and took some time getting used to the settings. It doesn’t ask me every instillation or update if I want to ok it first. 

The computer was only $650, though I didn’t have a wireless router at the time, I do now. 

It’s just nice to have it around, not even for the gaming aspect but my digital camera card plugs right in so I can edit photos while I’m out and play with settings before I get home and have lost a shot. I can stick all my chat programs on it while I’m playing on the ‘main’ gaming rig, and just simple stuff like that. 

Anyway, hopefully everyone had fun today doing instances. Maybe tonight I won’t be up until 3am, and up at 6am. It’s already after midnight though, so I guess we’ll see. 

More ramblings tomorrow, as always.

2 Responses to Pretties are always.. well, pretty!

  1. Ogrebears says:

    I bought a macbook Pro (my first mac in a long time) Its sexy, i hold it in my arms when i go to bed…… Screw members of the opposite sex, i got a macbook pro…..

  2. Vlcan says:

    Gratz! On your new purchase. I wish I had one of those new fangled portable picture machines. ;-)

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