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Computer issues are not resolved yet, but should be soon. On the plus side I’ve become very good at guessing when the connection is about to bump (approx every 10 minutes) and I’ve been playing around it. It’s not enough of a bump to dump me off of EQ2, just enough to cause a minute or so of nothing happening on my screen. Apparently it’s a known issue though. Since it’s happening to both my pc (wireless adapter) and my laptop – but NOT the 2nd pc that’s plugged in with a cable, it was easier to search for. 

I’ve been questing Stargrace and Ellithia (78 illusionist and 72 defiler) around Kylong Plains lately. They make a fairly interesting duo, I typically mentor down and have the illusionist call her pet, then it’s just a matter of root and nuking. The defiler debuffs and casts her heals, sets her pet on the encounter as well. If root breaks it’s not such a big deal since the healer is close at hand – and so far encounters have been blue and below. I’m actually looking forward to playing the monk with the defiler, or perhaps (oh noes!) creating even more alts. We’ll see how it goes. I guess it’s fairly safe to say EQ2 has a fairly good grip on me as of late, and the best part is that I’m happy with that. 

Tipa and I were talking about how EQ2 is “home base” for both of us. We may play other games, and I certainly do wander but when all is said and done we both end up back in EQ2 – and happily so. 

I’m hoping once the computer issues are fixed I can get the defiler the rest of her level. I have a very lofty goal of trying to hit 80 before The Shadow Odyssey releases next month, but that’s 7.5 levels I’d have to gain before release and I think that’s a little much in less then a month. We’ll see how it goes in any case. I also want to level my necromancer, and my monk, and my paladin. Ahh good times. 

Nostalgia gained some new members last week via the guild recruitment tool. Surprised me because our guild rarely ever actually shows up on the list of guilds recruiting. I keep mine turned on “just in case” someone happens to think Nostalgia may be what they’re looking for. More members is never a bad thing!

5 Responses to Random Bits

  1. Openedge1 says:

    I may never have a home. I like trying new things, and hope something may keep me…

    But, I need to accept facts here.

    MMO’s need a certain type of commitment. I have many I always like to go back to, but one may never “stay” my home. Maybe it is this old mentality that all games have an ending (this is what games have represented for me for over 20 years)…and MMO’s do not allow this mechanic…

    I.E: You never WIN!

    And as long as I cannot win, I usually give up on those games..

    Wish I could trade in my time in an MMO like I trade in Xbox 360 games when I am done…lol.

    The journey is key though, and as long as that journey is not tedious, I will stick it out for a while.

    Variety is the spice of life I guess.

  2. Odius says:

    Reading your blog makes me miss EQ2…

  3. Tipa says:

    Aren’t we always? :)

  4. Hudson says:

    Hey if you all are recruiting….

  5. ogrebears says:

    eq2 my homebase again as well.. for a while i thought it was going to be War.. but that didn’t work out.

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