The (dire)Bear Facts

* From 1 to 19, he’s a little bearcub that follows you around. 
* From 20 to 39, he grows up and you can ride him around (a 20% speed mount). 
* From 40 to 59, he gets a saddle, and some more speed (30%). 
* From 60 to 79, he gains armor, and more speed (40%). 
* At 80, he’s fully grown. He has a full set of armor & saddle and is as fast as he’ll ever get (52%). 

Each character on an account will be able to claim the bear. 


As it is all working right now people who attended fan faire will get a digital download of the expansion all-in-one pack. 

The dire bears only come as part of the retail box (either pre-ordered or purchased after launch) so they won’t be part of the fan faire distribution.

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