It’s getting Scary

Nights of the Dead went (a)live (giggles) today slowly in EverQuestII, there was no downtime for it, but as the morning wore on we all gradually saw items  being added to zones. Of course I was excited about all the new crafting bits, and as Kasul went out and killed scary creatures to swipe their treats (and got a lot of discoveries might I add) I stayed in TD and crafted the new bits with them. Above Silhouette is sporting one of the new outfits. 

I almost feel as though I should be swinging from buildings and humming the spider-man theme song. 

Back in Silhouette’s house, some new items have made their way to the decor. A couple of guests who never made it out. I promise it won’t happen to anyone else if they come visit me. Seriously. I mean just because Nostalgia used to be compromised of over 100 guild mates and then they all mysteriously vanished that one dank night doesn’t mean that I.. well, never mind. 

Trick or Treating made a return in both West Freeport and North Qeynos, as did the Halloween houses in each zone. You’ll remember them from previous years. What’s new though aside from the fantastic craftables, is the haunted house in Loping Plains. The zone is scary, and was done VERY well. It was a little difficult for my 80 coercer to solo this zone, I think I’d have a much easier time in a group (since there are heroics in here) or if she were a healer. I died twice, and lets just say that bats are no longer friends of mine in any mmo, lease of all EQ2. 

The new haunted house comes with two choices of rewards, and the cloak pictured above. I didn’t check it out enough to see if it could be transformed into a tapestry like many of the other cloaks these days, but it would be very nice if it could be (ie: The Ethernaught cloak in Sinking Sands, and the Fan Faire cloak from /claim). 

I had a LOT of fun completing the quests, and watching everyone in game dress up. The haunted house had a LOT of lag for me, but it wasn’t that surprising knowing the number of people who were in it and the crowd gathered outside was just as bad. Hopefully everyone has a fantastic time and enjoys themselves. Trust me, the house items alone are worth it. You can take a peek at them over at EQ2traders if you have not yet.

3 Responses to It’s getting Scary

  1. Kasul says:

    I made a few discoveries, but you made several more doing the tradeskill combines. :) I love this game, and how it rewards you for just plain old discovery… wish more games would.

  2. Tipa says:

    I had a nightmare
    and you were in it
    and eating both my eyes and nose and looking greedy at my toes
    I will start screaming
    in a minute
    when I can breathe again from seeing you in scary spider clothes

    I can’t stop screaming
    as you tear my eyelids out
    I can’t stop screaming
    what’s this stupid holiday all about?

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