Crafting Woes

Screen shot is taken of Silhouette’s desk in her 1 room home. I didn’t play that much yesterday, but I did get a little crafting done. Very little. Goudia, my alchemist, managed to hit level 50. Which means I now have two characters who are in those ‘hell’ levels. The levels I hate crafting through more then anything else for only one reason. The harvesting.

There’s no great place to harvest T6. Your options are sinking sands or pillars of flame where the nodes like to hide or are already being camped by other players. Aside from that you have Lesser Faydark where I’d be hard pressed to find static spawns most of the time. Someone had given me a suggestion for rock nodes, but it’s really roots and pelts that I need most of. 

Speaking of expensive crafting – Najena has a very low population of low level characters, and that means less harvesters. Most people would rather just buy their supplies with their mains – T2 (level 10-19) raws (not rares, just regular harvests) are going for over 2g each right now. Of course I’m sure it’s directly related to the fact that the Halloween goodies out there use these materials to craft them and hopefully the price will drop over time. 

I don’t mind the crafting grind except for the 50-59 stage. Now that I have two crafters sitting there and potentially a third if I get my armorer a few levels, I’m going to have to just suck it up and either spend the money to get the 10 levels, or go out harvesting for a good long time. Days like this make me wish Nostalgia was level 50 so we could have purchased the harvesting bots. Those things are simply amazing, especially if you have the harvesting depot to go along with it. 

Ah well, we’ll get there in time!

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  1. Kasul says:

    I don’t remember it being so bad to harvest in Tier 6, but jewelry only needs ore and gem nodes and roots, and the croc caves gave me all the ore and gems I could handle. It was occasionally camped, but not overly so.

    I was just happy the nodes were grouped after coming from Feerrott, Lavastorm and Everfrost. Fulginate was so hard to find in any quantity!

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